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Boger, Carey, Parry out of playoffs




In an attempt to narrow down potential assignments, Football Zebras has learned from multiple sources that last year’s Super Bowl referee, Jerome Boger, did not receive a playoff assignment this season. Also not receiving an assignment are Mike Carey and John Parry.

Missing the playoffs the year following a Super Bowl assignment is not unprecedented. In fact, this is the fifth consecutive year that a Super Bowl referee did not officiate in the next postseason: Parry before Boger, then Walt Anderson, Scott Green, and Terry McAulay.

Carey followed up Super Bowl XLII with a divisional playoff game in the 2009 season.

The league informs officials who did not qualify for a playoff assignment as a courtesy, so that they do not need to make contingencies with their other employer.

Eliminating the above and the officials who have a wild card or divisional playoff assignment (including alternates), these referees are eligible for the conference championships:

  • Walt Coleman
  • Tony Corrente
  • Bill Leavy
  • Gene Steratore
  • Ron Winter

Update 10:40 pm ET: Referee Scott Green, who is retiring at the end of the season, worked as an alternate for a wild card game. A league source told me anonymously that Green is still qualified for the Pro Bowl, despite the alternate assignment. Typically, the union and the league work on the Pro Bowl assignments, which generally include retiring officials, as long as they do not work a playoff game.