Hey, Canton, let’s do this again soon!

Commentary by Mark Schultz from Canton, Ohio What a whirlwind weekend! Art McNally is officially a Hall of Famer. In a moving ceremony, McNally's grandchildren presented him and revealed his bust. McNally received plaudits from the crowd -- including several retired and active NFL officials. 27,000 people have played or contributed to

5 officiating notes from the divisional playoffs

What a weekend of NFL football! I've watched the NFL since 1978, and this is the best playoff weekend I can remember, featuring some of the most exciting games in NFL history. Here are five officiating observations from the weekend. 1. No picky fouls https://streamable.com/t8acq5 I cannot recall a penalty flag this weekend where

7 officiating observations from the 2021 season

Commentary by Mark Schultz We made it through another season, and here are the officiating related things I noticed during the 18-week regular season. Expedited replay is a success I was skeptical at first, but once the bugs got worked out, the "replay assistance rule" turned into a valuable officiating tool this year. In

Let them talk! We need detailed referee announcements

Over the years, we've chronicled the evolution of the referee microphone, from it's humble beginnings to it being used as a valuable teaching and explaining tool. While some people might have snickered or rolled their eyes at long-winded announcements, they could not deny they knew what happened and why the officials

2 NCAA coaches ejected this season. Are college conferences getting a backbone?

Commentary by Mark Schultz For the second time in the 2021 college football season, a Division I-FBS coach has been ejected for two unsportsmanlike conduct fouls. This past Saturday, Mountain West Conference referee Christian Watson sent Colorado State head coach Steve Addazio to the showers before halftime. https://twitter.com/footballzebras/status/1464804878908276739 While the announcers expressed shock at

Who will be the referee for Super Bowl LV? We’ve narrowed it down to these 2

We're at the divisional playoff round. And, if senior vice president of officiating training and development Walt Anderson follows precedent, Super Bowl LV officials are working this weekend. Of the four referees working this weekend, Ron Torbert, Shawn Hochuli and Carl Cheffers are eligible to work the big game. We've read

Our playoff predictions: Corrente, Hussey, and Torbert top our rankings

Embed from Getty Images Football Zebras commentary Editor’s note: The Wild Card assignments were released sooner than expected, but our predictions below were set before we received the assignment list. Our annual tradition is to predict which referees are assigned to the postseason and the Pro Bowl. As we find every year, there