Overtime rules for the NFL playoffs

In the offseason prior to the 2022 season, NFL owners approved a modification to the overtime provisions to essentially give both teams a guaranteed possession in nearly all cases. The regular season rule remains the same, that overtime is only extended if the first possession of the game ends in a

Breaking down the 2022 playoff wild card assignments

As we tee up “Super Wild Card Weekend” let’s break down some of the wild card officiating assignments. This weekend sees NFL officials calling their first-ever playoff assignment: • Mike Carr, down judge number 63 (sixth season, 2021 Pro Bowl) • Mike Dolce, down judge number 123 (third season, 2021 alternate) • Tom Eaton,

2022 playoff seeding: separating truth from hackery

The NFL found itself in a difficult position with a suspended game and a set of policies with a small amount of flexibility to be comprehensive. The commissioner is authorized to make certain competitive decisions, but because of dueling provisions the league had to make a few policy decisions on

How does the NFL handle a suspended game?

An unimaginable, but always really possible, situation has confronted the league for the first time when Bills safety Damar Hamlin experienced a medical emergency and collapsed in the first quarter of the Bills-Bengals game. The game was suspended in the first quarter and not resumed. Obviously all of the concern

Alberto Riveron is the new ACC officiating boss

The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) has appointed former NFL official and senior vice president of officiating, Alberto Riveron, to be the next ACC supervisor of officials. Riveron replaces the retired Dennis Hennigan. Riveron will oversee the ACC football officiating staff, replay officials, communicators and the ACC's Football Officiating Alliance, which includes