Crew from Titans-Vikings game pulled from Week 4 schedule

Embed from Getty Images In a recent scheduling change, Clete Blakeman and his crew will be off this week, when the crew was originally scheduled to officiate the game between the Colts and Bears on Sunday. This crew officiated last Sunday's game between the Titans and Vikings, where subsequently, 3 players

Regionalized officiating crews for the 2020 season

In an effort to minimize travel, the NFL officiating department has reconstructed the crews for the 2020 season, changing the crew designations originally revealed on Football Zebras in May. The concept of a "crew" this season is not going to align with any other modern-era season. Officials will be driving to

Week 2 officiating liveblog

Football Zebras is covering the officials and rules interpretations for the Week 2 of the 2020 regular season. If you see anything confusing or unusual please let us know. Leave a comment below Send us a tweet @footballzebras Connect with us through Facebook Reply on Instagram  Live updates loading ...

Racial milestone no longer a trivia item

What was once a rare milestone at the Super Bowl in February has now become a commonality in the 2020 season. The all-star crew that worked Super Bowl LIV was the first time 5 African-American officials worked any NFL game, and only the fourth game ever -- regular or postseason --

Officiating assistants to monitor levels of piped-in crowd noise

audience auditorium bleachers chairs

It was a full week of NFL games through mostly empty stadiums with seat covered in tarps or filled with cardboard cutouts. In 14 of the 16 stadiums, a modern NFL record was set for the lowest paid attendance -- 0. Despite the empty cavernous stadiums, we still had piped-in crowd

Hair extension of rule clarifies existing rule

It could be said that a certain editorial change to the rulebook is splitting hairs, but it actually only clarifies existing rules. An editorial change was made to the 2020 NFL rulebook with the new text in bold at Rule 3-2-6: Touching the Ball refers to any contact with the ball. There