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2023 Divisional Playoffs

Hussey, Kemp, Vinovich, and Hochuli are the Divisional Playoff referees

The 4 referees for the Divisional Playoffs have been announced



Football Zebras has confirmed the officiating crews for the Divisional Playoffs. Officials are listed with their uniform number, years of NFL experience (including this season), the crew each official worked with in the regular season (by the referee’s name), college, and outside occupation.

Five alternates are assigned to each game: a referee, an umpire, a line of scrimmage official (down judge or line judge), a deep wing official (field judge or side judge), and a back judge.

The prior playoff experience that is listed for the crew chief includes his service as an NFL official, including as referee and any other crew position (excluding alternate assignments). Also of note, the eventual Super Bowl officials are on the field for this weekend’s games, but not all are from the same crew.

All times are Eastern.

Saturday, Jan. 20

Texans at Ravens, 4:30 p.m. ESPN ESPN2 ABC ESPN+

John Hussey is the referee, who is in his 22nd season and 9th as referee. This is Hussey’s 17th postseason assignment, including 6 Wild Card Playoffs, 6 Divisional Playoffs, 4 Conference Championships, and Super Bowl XLV. His Super Bowl assignment was as a line judge.

      Yrs 2023 crew College Occupation
R 35 John Hussey 22   Idaho State sales representative
U 124 Carl Paganelli 24 Hussey Michigan State retired federal probation officer
DJ 44 Frank LeBlanc 4 Hussey Lamar Institute of Technology neighborhood services manager
LJ 101 Carl Johnson 20 Hussey Nicholls State retired sales manager, former full-time official
FJ 97 Tom Hill 25 Blake Carson Newman retired teacher/coach
SJ 56 Allen Baynes 16 Hussey Auburn realtor
BJ 96 Matt Edwards 6 Hussey Western Michigan healthcare sales
RO   Andrew Lambert 6 Blake Central Virginia Community College business development
RA   Larry Hanson 4 Blake California-San Diego health and safety
ALT R Ron Torbert 14   Michigan State attorney
ALT U Duane Heydt 2 Allen South Carolina statistician and real-estate investor
ALT LJ Jeff Seeman 22 Smith Minnesota brokerage sales
ALT FJ Ryan Dickson 7 Torbert Utah commercial real estate developer
ALT BJ Dino Paganelli 18 Smith Aquinas College educator

Packers at 49ers, 8:15 p.m. Fox

Alex Kemp is the referee, who is in his 10th season and 6th as referee. This is Kemp’s 6th postseason assignment, including 5 Wild Card Playoffs and a Divisional Playoff.

      Yrs 2023 crew College Occupation
R 55 Alex Kemp 10   Central Michigan insurance agent
U 89 Mike Morton 2 Kemp North Carolina dentist FORMER NFL PLAYER
DJ 113 Danny Short 7 Kemp North Carolina-Charlotte executive director, global sales operations
LJ 85 Daniel Gallagher 4 Blake Kent State athletic programs manager
FJ 117 John Jenkins 10 Eck St. Mary’s sales executive
SJ 95 James Coleman 19 Kemp Arkansas electrical engineer
BJ 93 Scott Helverson 21 Kemp Iowa sales, printing and promotions
RO   Mike Chase 7 Kemp Arizona State senior portfolio manager
RA   Jamie Alferi Tuss 2 Kemp Oregon State sports management
ALT R Carl Cheffers 24   California-Irvine sales manager
ALT U Brandon Cruse 2 Cheffers South Dakota School of Mines & Technology management consultant
ALT DJ David Oliver 7 Hill Baker information systems manager
ALT SJ Clay Reynard 4 Smith California-Davis customer service representative
ALT BJ Jonah Monroe 9 Blakeman Arkansas engineer

Sunday, Jan. 21

Buccaneers at Lions, 3 p.m. NBC Peacock

Bill Vinovich is the referee, who is in his 18th season and 15th as referee. This is his 18th postseason assignment, including 3 Wild Card Playoffs, 7 Divisional Playoffs, 6 Conference Championships, and Super Bowls XLIX and LIV. Both of his Super Bowl assignments were as a referee.

      Yrs 2023 crew College Occupation
R 52 Bill Vinovich 18   San Diego certified public accountant
U 49 Alex Moore 2 Vinovich St. Petersburg compliance manager
DJ 68 Tom Stephan 25 Clark Pittsburg State retired business broker
LJ 9 Mark Perlman 23 Vinovich Salem teacher
FJ 57 Joe Blubaugh 4 Vinovich Pittsburg State regional sales manager
SJ 86 Jimmy Buchanan 15 Vinovich South Carolina State food service director
BJ 88 Brad Freeman 10 Clark Mississippi State sports park director
RO   Mark Butterworth 7 Vinovich Walsh non-profit COO
RA   Julie Johnson 1 Vinovich    
ALT R Brad Rogers 7   Lubbock Christian college professor
ALT U Mark Pellis 10 Novak Allegheny financial advisor
ALT LJ Kevin Codey 9 Rogers Western New England middle school physical education teacher
ALT FJ Jeff Shears 2 Wrolstad Denver professor
ALT BJ Grantis Bell 4 Wrolstad West Virginia school counselor

Chiefs at Bills, 6:30 p.m. CBS Paramount+

Shawn Hochuli is the referee, who is in his 10th season and 6th as referee. This is Hochuli’s 8th postseason assignment, including a Wild Card Playoff and 7 Divisional Playoffs.

      Yrs 2023 crew College Occupation
R 83 Shawn Hochuli 10   Claremont financial advisor
U 77 Terry Killens 5 Hochuli Penn State campus security specialist FORMER NFL PLAYER
DJ 106 Patrick Holt 5 Hochuli North Carolina State IT manager
LJ 47 Tim Podraza 16 Hochuli Nebraska business performance consultant
FJ 90 Anthony Flemming 4 Hussey Texas A&M-Commerce senior auditor
SJ 103 Eugene Hall 10 Cheffers North Texas federal agent
BJ 78 Greg Meyer 22 Eck Texas Christian banker
RO   Tyler Cerimeli 6 Hochuli Arizona State high school officials coordinator
RA   Tim Robinson 1 Hochuli    
ALT R Craig Wrolstad 21   Washington athletic director
ALT U Ramon George 8 Rogers Lenoir-Rhyne financial underwriter
ALT LJ Rusty Baynes 14 Kemp Auburn-Montgomery general manager, safety services
ALT SJ Chad Hill 6 Hochuli Mississippi medical sales
ALT BJ Jimmy Russell 5 Vinovich Pasco Hernando State insurance agent
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  1. David

    January 16, 2024 at 7:07 pm

    Where’s Shawn Smith? Or Scott Nowak?

  2. Anonymous

    January 16, 2024 at 10:02 pm

    Great! Bills get Hochuli, this guy hates Buffalo, last time he called 14 penalties against them and only 2 against the eagles. Buffalo’s I think 1-3 when this guy refs the games

  3. Anonymous

    January 16, 2024 at 11:38 pm

    gb/sf kemp, morton, short, gallagher, jenkins, coleman, helverson my guess

  4. Anonymous

    January 17, 2024 at 12:18 am

    My Superbowl Referee Prediction is Hochuli or Vinovich

  5. Anonymous

    January 17, 2024 at 9:35 am

    Love how the site keeps deleting comments. Must be a slave to that stupid swiftie blonde

  6. Dean

    January 18, 2024 at 9:13 am

    I said it from the start of the year and am now even more confident. Hussey will be the referee at the Super Bowl!

  7. Anonymous

    January 18, 2024 at 9:20 am

    It’s either John Hussey Or Shawn Hochuli if history has said that the referee and the umpire are together in the same divisional game. Bill and Alex are not in because of the years of experience in the umpire position!

  8. Anonymous

    January 18, 2024 at 10:34 am

    Since Hussey already was an alternate referee in the Wild Card round (just like Kemp), this leaves Hochuli for the Super Bowl. Vinovichs Umpire Moore also was an alternate in the Wild Card round.

  9. Anonymous

    January 18, 2024 at 1:17 pm

    Super Bowl Field Judge – Looks like it will be Tom Hill

  10. Anonymous

    January 18, 2024 at 3:01 pm

    My Superbowl Officials Prediction is
    R Shawn Hochuli
    U Carl Paganelli or Terry Killens
    DJ Tom Stephan or Patrick Holt
    LJ Carl Johnson or Tim Podraza
    FJ Tom Hill
    SJ Jimmy Buchanan
    BJ Scott Helverson or Greg Meyer

  11. Anonymous

    January 19, 2024 at 5:59 pm

    What are the responsibilities of the alternates?

  12. Tom

    January 20, 2024 at 4:48 pm

    I like how they have kept many crew members together. I like Vinovich or Hussey for the Super Bowl, but I wouldn’t poo poo Hochuli or Kemp. They’re also very good.

  13. Don pedro

    January 20, 2024 at 8:53 pm

    I believe the assignments are very much on point. They are considering a lot of stuff going into this round of the play off season, which gets more difficult as it goes on, but they always have the personnel on hand who is more than capable of handling these difficult assignments. Consider the first time the action develops under adverse weather circumstances and you’ll find the personnel perfectly protected. Other than that it’s been a great season.

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