Rules school: What replay assist can and can’t do

After a few controversial situations in the championship games, there are some misconceptions on the role of the replay official and how they conduct expedited reviews or assist in correcting calls in real time. This is a quick primer on replay's functions as they have evolved in the last two

Rules review video: getting away with feigning injury, late subs, and receivers out of bounds 2022 rules review video #2 National coordinator of football officials Steve Shaw posted his second weekly video this season addressing rules and interpretations in college football. Shaw again presented statistics on targeting fouls, saying that the foul occurs in out in 4.8 games on average, a slight increase to the 1-in-4.2 average

Rules review video: unusual fair-catch situation, new low-block rule, and a fumble into the pylon 2022 rules review video #1 College football national coordinator of football officials Steve Shaw released his first video of 2022 discussing some rules and interpretations for the benefit of fans and the media: Shaw highlighted the statistics of targeting fouls, noting that there is one targeting foul in about 4.2 games on

USFL Rules School: What rules differ from the NFL?

Here are a list of the rules the USFL is employing that are different than the NFL rules set. Game timing Halftime is 10 minutes in lengthPlay clock will use 35 seconds, 25 seconds after a stoppageTiming rules for a runner out of bounds apply after the 2-minute warningThe clock stops on

Raiders and Chargers know all about the special fumble rule

Somewhere in the chill of a north surburban Chicago night, retired NFL referee Jerry Markbreit had to be smiling - or wincing - in the frantic moments of the Raiders-Chargers Week 15 Thursday Night Football game. Referee John Hussey had to apply a rule that Markbreit wishes would have been on