Santi and Eaton team up for the Call of the Week

In the first quarter of the Monday night game between the Steelers and Giants, field judge Aaron Santi and line judge Tom Eaton come together to quickly and decisively rule a catch at the sideline. Congratulations, Aaron and Tom. You have the first ever Football Zebras Call of the Week.

Hair extension of rule clarifies existing rule

It could be said that a certain editorial change to the rulebook is splitting hairs, but it actually only clarifies existing rules. An editorial change was made to the 2020 NFL rulebook with the new text in bold at Rule 3-2-6: Touching the Ball refers to any contact with the ball. There

NFL mandates centerfield logos between the 40-yard lines

Substitutions also affected by position of numerals Sometimes rules changes show up in a place that is least expected. In addition to the standard rules changes voted by owners each year, a few editorial changes are made to the rulebook, some of which are for clarity, while others are actual low-level

No more chains to be lost due to latest rules change

It was a silly part of a feud between cornerback Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree, where Talib twice snatched a chain from Crabtree's neck. The NFL slipped in a rule that would have prevented this from happening again, although they were at least kind enough to wait for the year

2 officials successfully appeal offseason dismissal

Football Zebras has learned that two of the officials who left the league after the 2019 season are returning to the roster in 2020. Field judges Joe Larrew and Steve Zimmer were listed as 2 of the 9 officials that left the field following the 2019 season. As is typical at