2022-23 bowl officiating assignments

Football Zebras is obtaining the officiating assignments to the 2022-23 bowl games and reporting them here. Bowls are distributed to the conferences in a manner than an officiating crew is not from one of the team's conferences. The Power 5 conferences work at least 5 bowls each (including all the

A salute to the veterans in stripes

We recognize with profound respect all those who have served our country on this day, and we salute the veterans on the NFL officiating staff. http://gty.im/1190306201 LJ59 Rusty Baynes, U.S. Marine Corps, 1988-94 http://gty.im/1228501615 LJ44 SSgt. Frank LeBlanc, Texas Army National Guard, 1983-2004 http://gty.im/1183900979 FJ109 Dyrol Prioleau, U.S. Air Force, 1982-2005 http://gty.im/1182936234 FJ31 Tech Sgt. Mearl Robinson, U.S.

Week 10 referee assignments

http://gty.im/1229273495 Referee Adrian Hill will be in Charlotte, N.C., with his crew as the NFC South battle pits the Falcons against the Panthers. John Hussey will head the crew in Munich, as Germany becomes the fourth country to host a game in the International Series. Three crews are off this week: Jerome

Week 8 referee assignments

http://gty.im/1432759693 Referee Carl Cheffers and his crew will officiate this Thursday's game in Tampa as the Ravens visit the Buccaneers. Tra Blake and Land Clark are off this week. Thursday, Oct. 27 Ravens at Buccaneers  Prime — Carl Cheffers Sunday, Oct. 30 Broncos vs. Jaguars (London, 9:30 a.m. ET) ESPN+ — Adrian Hill Panthers at Falcons — Shawn Hochuli Bears at Cowboys — Brad

Week 3 referee assignments

http://gty.im/1360085397 The Steelers and the Browns face off on Thursday night to see who will take the early lead in the AFC North. Clay Martin and his crew will officiate this divisional matchup. Brad Allen's crew has the week off. Scheduled assignments are subject to change. Thursday, Sep. 22 Steelers at Browns  Prime — Clay Martin Sunday,