2 unusual penalties on the same play: illegal hideout and sideline interference

The Rams attempted to catch everyone off guard with a quick substitution/fake punt in the first quarter of the game against the Giants. The play eventually wound up confusing everyone watching the game as well. The Fox Sports broadcast crew had to dump out of the replay of the third down

Double punt flummoxed rules gurus and statisticians

Seahawks punter Michael Dickson grew up playing Australian rules football in his hometown of Sydney, and he imported some of the kick-heavy game to Seattle on Thursday night. Dickson's third quarter punt was blocked with enough backspin to have it skittering in the open backfield. Because the ball is behind the

NFL replay VP takes administrative leave in awkward officiating transition

The offseason turmoil in the replay area of the officiating department continues, as vice president of replay Russell Yurk has formally taken an elective administrative leave. Yurk has been away from replay during the preseason, and apparently was reassigned "within the officiating group." It follows last month's announcement that Al

Week 1 officiating liveblog

Football Zebras is covering the officials and rules interpretations for the opening Sunday of the 2021 regular season. If you see anything confusing or unusual please let us know. Leave a comment below Send us a tweet @footballzebras Connect with us through Facebook Reply on Instagram  Live updates loading ...

NFL requires officials and gameday staff to be vaccinated

While players and coaches have made their own personal decisions as to whether they receive the covid vaccine, the NFL has made it mandatory for the officials and league employees to be vaccinated. The vaccine mandate applies unilaterally to the gameday assistants. The GDAs include the clock operators, replay technicians, the

Officiating community reacts to Art McNally becoming a Hall of Fame finalist

Art McNally, the former referee and supervisor of officials, was nominated as the contributor finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The next step is a virtually assured vote from the entire voting membership of the Hall's selection committee, and then enshrinement in August 2022. His extensive accomplishments were part