A salute to the veterans in stripes

We recognize with profound respect all those who have served our country on this day, and we salute the veterans on the NFL officiating staff. http://gty.im/1190306201 LJ59 Rusty Baynes, U.S. Marine Corps, 1988-94 http://gty.im/1228501615 LJ44 SSgt. Frank LeBlanc, Texas Army National Guard, 1983-2004 http://gty.im/1183900979 FJ109 Dyrol Prioleau, U.S. Air Force, 1982-2005 http://gty.im/1182936234 SJ31 Tech Sgt. Mearl Robinson, U.S.

Racial milestone no longer a trivia item

What was once a rare milestone at the Super Bowl in February has now become a commonality in the 2020 season. The all-star crew that worked Super Bowl LIV was the first time 5 African-American officials worked any NFL game, and only the fourth game ever -- regular or postseason --

Officiating assistants to monitor levels of piped-in crowd noise

audience auditorium bleachers chairs

It was a full week of NFL games through mostly empty stadiums with seat covered in tarps or filled with cardboard cutouts. In 14 of the 16 stadiums, a modern NFL record was set for the lowest paid attendance -- 0. https://twitter.com/QuirkyResearch/status/1306654276530450432 Despite the empty cavernous stadiums, we still had piped-in crowd

Santi and Eaton team up for the Call of the Week

In the first quarter of the Monday night game between the Steelers and Giants, field judge Aaron Santi and line judge Tom Eaton come together to quickly and decisively rule a catch at the sideline. Congratulations, Aaron and Tom. You have the first ever Football Zebras Call of the Week. https://streamable.com/2yh7md