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After Further Review: Bolts halt 2 games


Referee   John Parry awaits with an NFL official in the CenturyLink Field tunnel during a lightning delay in the first quarter of the 49ers-Seahawks game.

Here are some of the items making news this week:


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Ben Austro
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2 thoughts on “After Further Review: Bolts halt 2 games

  1. Rules question…kind of obscure moment from Cardinals-Lions game on 9/15: I believe in Q3 or early Q4, Cardinals are ruled to fumble the ball and Lions recover. Before referees even officially make a decision/ruling on the play, Bruce Arians threw a challenge flag. I thought all turnovers were reviewed automatically. And because of the Thanksgiving Day game, I thought it was a 15-yard penalty if you threw challenge when you weren’t supposed to, but play could still be reviewed.

  2. The rules have been changed in the offseason to eliminate this situation. Now, if a coach challenges a play that he is not permitted to, it costs a timeout. Treated the same as a lost challenge. If there is no timeout to give, the team is penalized 15 yards.

    The replay official is NOT handcuffed by the coach’s actions any more. There is nothing that a coach can do that would prevent the replay official from reviewing a play that they have the authority to review.

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