After Further Review: Reunions, points of emphasis, and roughness fouls

Quick calls for Week 1 [Football Zebras] You make the call on the punt coverage for the Browns [Ben Austro/Football Zebras] The Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks realize they may be the motivation behind the highly enforced illegal contact penalty [Sam Farmer/LA Times] Calls for illegal contact and defensive holding, points of emphasis

After Further Review: Hits, misses, hugs (?!) at Lambeau

Mike Carey and his crew filled up the Quick Calls early on Sunday, but correctly ruled on a fourth-down touchdown attempt late in the game. [Image: Drew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles] Quick calls [Football Zebras] A fascinating look into the Officiating Command Center at league headquarters in Manhattan: "Five of the games start one

After Further Review: Safety is number 1 priority

Some of the officiating news items from Sunday: A couple of puzzling replay reviews: Mike Carey allowed a catch to stand, despite clear evidence the pass was incomplete, according to our Roundtable experts [Ben Austro, Football Zebras]. Bill Vinovich ruled a player touched a loose ball with his foot while out

After Further Review: Old rule called in a Patriots game this week’s punching bag

Back judge Todd Prukop moments before the Giants are penalized for an excessive celebration foul on an interception. [John Gliebter/Philadelphia Eagles] Here is an abbreviated rundown of the officiating news:  The Dolphins were hit with an unusual illegal bat penalty. Walt Anderson was interviewed by a pool reporter about the call [Ben

After Further Review: OT flag on new rule draws shrug from Belichick

The big call of the week was Tony Michalek's flag on a Patriots defensive tackle Chris Jones. Jones shoved his teammate into the Jets offensive line on an overtime field goal attempt [Ben Austro, Football Zebras]. "I'm sure the league would rather the first call in history of this rule would

After Further Review: Week 6

An abbreviated list of news from Week 6 games. Quick calls [Football Zebras] Multiple offsetting dead-ball fouls in 49ers-Cardinals game [Mike Pereira, Fox] Saints fans are unhappy with a false start call (clearly not on replay) on a 4th-and-short and an uncalled hold on the Patriots' game-winning touchdown [Gary Scheets, NOLA Times-Pic] On a

After Further Review: Even Philly thinks Giants should have won challenge

Image: Dallas Cowboys photo First, our quick calls [Football Zebras] The pink penalty flags did cause some confusion with the players' pink towels, all symbolic for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, a clock operator briefly stopped the clock because one of the pink towels looked like a penalty flag. I wouldn't be