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After Further Review

After Further Review: Hits, misses, hugs (?!) at Lambeau



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Mike Carey and his crew filled up the Quick Calls early on Sunday, but correctly ruled on a fourth-down touchdown attempt late in the game. [Image: Drew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles]

  • Quick calls [Football Zebras]
  • A fascinating look into the Officiating Command Center at league headquarters in Manhattan: “Five of the games start one minute later than the 1:02 p.m. script, a minor lapse catalogued for future compliance.” [Brian Murphy, StP Pioneer Press]
  • “Those calls are tough to make in real time. And to me, that’s when replay shows how good officials can be. You know that replay exposes mistakes, but sometimes it exposes really quality officiating.” [Mike Pereira, Fox Sports]
  • Video: from his Chicken Room, Pereira discusses the rule when a runner’s helmet comes off during the play. [Fox]
  • Packers linebacker Clay Matthews played with a foam-rubber-enrobed cast looking like a bulbous club. [Deadspin] The only requirement is that Matthews’ cast be covered by at least 3⁄8-inch foam rubber, and the coaching staff must report this to the umpire in advance of the game.
  • Eagles defensive lineman Vinnie Curry was happy that he didn’t get flagged on a sack — so he hugged umpire Chad Brown [Chris Chase, USAT/FTW]
  • Nothing really officiating-related, but here is the Bengals’ Flail Mary that sent the game into overtime. [NFL video]
  • “Buffalo scored a touchdown with :03 remaining on a play where their tight end started a full second before the snap (and then caught the scoring pass, to boot). Steelers players stood by incredulously as the Bills lined up for the PAT with no flags in sight. … Hopefully, referee Scott Green’s crew will be downgraded over the farce.” Wow! I wouldn’t have expected that under the heading of “Zebra Hunting.”  [Ray Eckenrode, Altoona Mirror]
  • Lions defensive end Willie Young wants the roughing the passer rule to be re-evaluated by the NFL. “It wasn’t with the ‘Riddell’ [hairline portion of helmet]. It was the shoulder pad, and in the position he was in, with the release of the ball from his right hand, the way I was coming, I was coming with the intent to swipe the ball. … Ref called what he saw, at the end of the day” [Kyle Meinke, Grand Rapids Press]

No flag from Terry McAulay’s crew on the illegal gesture.


Translation: Tito’s vodka is not a Fox Sports sponsor.


Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)

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