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Intentional grounding call is 2nd safety by penalty in a Super Bowl



1st quarter | 9:00 remaining | No score | Patriots ball | 1st & 10 @ NE 6 | video
It does not happen often, particularly in the big game. Any time the enforcement of a spot foul is behind the offense’s own goal line, the result of the play is a safety. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady launched a deep pass from his end zone with no receiver in the area. Back judge Tony Steratore (the deep official who is seen signaling the incomplete pass) raced back to referee John Parry to conference about an intentional grounding penalty.

It is the second time in Super Bowl history that a penalty resulted in a safety; the last time was a holding penalty assessed on the Steelers that gave the Cardinals two points in Super Bowl XLIII (2008 season).

The other five safeties scored in a Super Bowl were the result of tackling an offensive player in his end zone.