50 Super Bowl calls, Part 4: XX to XI

The Football Zebras staff -- with the assistance of our affiliated forum, Behind the Football Stripes -- has examined the Super Bowls of years past for the work of the officials who, in a given year, achieve the honor of the best of the best. While every team competes for

12-men penalty takes 8 seconds from clock

4th quarter | :17 remaining | Giants 21-17 | Patriots ball | 2nd & 10 @ NE 44 An illegal substitution on the Giants cost them five yards, but they leveraged an unintended advantage as eight seconds ticked off the clock. It appears that the Giants were confused during the hurry-up

SJ Hayes’ clutch call on Manningham catch

4th quarter | 3:46 remaining | Patriots 17-15 | Giants ball | 1st & 10 @ NYG 12 | video A Super Bowl official is most content with going through an entire game without his name being mentioned once. To be singled out means that one has, at least, leveled a

John Parry to officiate Super Bowl XLVI

John Parry, who headed his crew in the epic Saints-49ers playoff game on Saturday, is headed to Indianapolis to serve as the crew chief in Super Bowl XLVI. As we noted on Sunday, we said he "won" the weekend amongst a field of solid officiating in most of this year's playoff