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NFL fines, non-fines reveal official evals



We noted the players who were fined for on-field conduct in Week 1. Hidden in this list are some of the league’s evaluations of its officials. If a fine is issued for a play where no flag was thrown, this is graded as a missed call. Also, in the case of certain personal fouls, fines are generally automatic, unless a videotape review by the league that finds the offense doesn’t merit a fine. This could arguably be deemed a missed call by the officials as well.

Since this is essentially news about the officials, we are listing these calls and non-calls from Week 1.

  • As noted in this site’s discipline report, Giants safety Kenny Phillips was fined $10,000 for an unspecified play against the Redskins. Ron Winter’s crew missed a blow to the head by Phillips.
  • Carl Cheffers’ crew penalized Cardinals cornerback Richard Marshall for unnecessary roughness on a shoulder-to-shoulder hit on Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Marshall revealed on Twitter (@TheMarshall31) that he would not be fined by the league office. The incorrect penalty, however, was costly, as it nullified the Cardinals interception on the play, and was followed by a Jaguars touchdown two plays later. There is no video of the play, but since the referee has coverage of the quarterback, it is likely that Cheffers, himself, threw the erroneous flag.
  • Texans safety Danieal Manning was flagged for his hit on Colts receiver Pierre Garçon. The penalty was for a hit on a defenseless receiver, however an analysis by the Houston Chronicle (with video below) showed the hit was legal as Garçon’s head contacted Manning’s thigh. Manning was not fined. Walt Coleman’s crew officiated the game.

Video credit NFL/CBS Sports with commentary from Houston Chronicle.