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Tunney and Seeman do not advance to 2023 Hall of Fame final vote

There will be no officials in the 2023 Pro Football Hall of Fame class.



Jim Tunney and his family and friends, and the family and friends of the late Jerry Seeman barely had three weeks to enjoy their nomination to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Today, the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Coach/Contributor committee voted for the finalists for the 2023 class for the Hall of Fame, and the two officials didn’t make it to the finalist round.

Former NFL officials Jim Tunney and the late Jerry Seeman were announced as semi-finalists for the Class of 2023 on July 8.

Football Zebras has made the case for 15 officials to be enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Next month, Art McNally will be the first official to receive a gold jacket.

The Coach/Contributor nominees will have an uphill climb to get their gold jacket. Of the 12 finalists, a committee will whittle the list down to just one candidate for a final vote for the 2023 class. Unfortunately, Seeman’s and Tunney’s journey has come to a too-early end.

Read the Hall of Fame’s news release, including the list of Coach/Contributor finalists in the attachment below.


Mark Schultz is a high school football official, freelance writer and journalist. He first became interested in officiating when he was six years old, was watching a NFL game with his father and asked the fateful question, "Dad, what are those guys in the striped shirts doing?"