Players are adapting to the taunting point of emphasis faster than expected

For 2021, the NFL Competition Committee issued a point of emphasis directing the officials to strictly flag a player for unsportsmanlike conduct if they taunt an opponent, through words and actions that disrespect or demean. At the time I predicted that players and coaches would adapt to the new emphasis point after

After a week of major errors, SEC officials need a bounce-back week

Last week was a bad one for officials in the Southeastern Conference. The Penn State-Auburn crew dropped a down. An "inadvertent signal" by an official in the Mississippi State-Memphis made for a right-but-wrong call. And, instant replay reversed call (incomplete to catch), but the ball was spotted at the wrong 45-yard line in

Controversy flares over taunting point of emphasis. As always, officials are stuck in the middle

This season, the NFL Competition Committee issued a point of emphasis to the game officials instructing them to strictly call a player for taunting -- language and actions that disrespect or demean an opponent. The first two weeks of the 2021 season has seen a spike in taunting fouls, leading

Week 2 photo gallery, 2021

With thanks to team photographers and Getty Images, here are photos of NFL officials on the field in Week 2. Click on a photo to start the gallery. Walt Coleman IV (Washington Football Team)Tony Josselyn (Carolina Panthers)Terrence Miles (Washington Football Team)Shawn Smith (Los Angeles Rams)Shawn Smith (Indianapolis Colts)Paul King (Chicago Bears)Ramon George