Football officials free to leave the field when the game is over

The end of this week's Monday Night Football game featured some angry moments as both teams came together to shake hands at the end of a hard-fought game. While plenty of media reported the incident, you'll notice the officials were nowhere to be found. That's because the officials' responsibility ends the moment

Officiating in the rain is mind over matter

The Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers played in wet, sloppy conditions at Soldier Field during Week One. While it was fun to play in (especially for the winning Bears), the officials had to push it out of their minds. Water, water everywhere Officials can power through drizzle or mist, but when

Big Ten referee John O’Neill retires, joins NFL as position coach

Football Zebras as learned through multiple secondary sources, that long-time Big Ten college football referee, John O'Neill, has retired from on-field officiating, and has joined the NFL as a referee position coach. Despite multiple requests, the NFL declined to confirm O'Neill's new position with the league or confirm the

8th on-field official is not likely to be implemented soon in the NFL, if ever

Football Zebras has confirmed that for the fourth time in five years, the NFL will not experiment with an eighth on-field official position in the preseason. The NFL hasn't experimented with an eight-person crew since 2019. The NFL currently has seven on-field officials -- referee, umpire, down judge, line judge, field