Hey, Canton, let’s do this again soon!

Commentary by Mark Schultz from Canton, Ohio What a whirlwind weekend! Art McNally is officially a Hall of Famer. In a moving ceremony, McNally's grandchildren presented him and revealed his bust. McNally received plaudits from the crowd -- including several retired and active NFL officials. 27,000 people have played or contributed to

NFL weather safety has come a long way

Reporting from Canton, Ohio Last night's Hall of Fame game had a delayed start due to lightning in the area. https://twitter.com/footballzebras/status/1555339699828531201 There are a few games each year - pre-season and regular season - that are delayed by lightning. The game will continue in a downpour, but lightning stops the whole thing. Up until

McNally locker exhibit is on display in Canton

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is now displaying a Class of 2022 locker exhibit, which contains artifacts of each enshrinee. Art McNally, the former head of officiating and referee, is the single enshrinee from the contributor category in this year's class, and will be the first on-field official enshrined