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NFL renames officiating development program to honor Wayne Mackie

The NFL honors Wayne Mackie in its largest class of development officials.



The development roster for the 2022 season has been released by the National Football League. Part of the news included the second name change in the program’s history — becoming the Mackie Development Program (MDP) to honor the late Wayne Mackie. Mackie, a former head linesman, served as the vice president of officiating evaluation and development for 5 seasons, which involved coordinating the pool of officials in this program for potential hires and additional supplemental training.

The Officiating Development Program began in 2013 as a way to give certain college officials advanced training by working in NFL training camps and preseason games. Initially, the program had 21 officials, but under Mackie’s leadership, that number has grown to 56 for the 2022 season.

The college officials in the development pool are eligible to be hired by the NFL. Since the development program began, every new NFL official was in the development program for at least one season and, with one exception, also in the season prior to being hired. There are 8 women in the program this season, the most in the history of the program. Two of those women have returned to the development program after a hiatus of 5 years or more.

2022 Mackie Development Program officials

Positions listed are from prior seasons, unless the 2022 roster lists a more specific position. In some cases, a general position is listed (SW, short wing or line-of-scrimmage official; DF, downfield official). Number of years is specific to the NFL development programs. Pro Experience lists the year an official worked an NFL preseason game (with teams and referee), college all-star game (Shrine Bowl, NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, Senior Bowl, Senior Bowl practices, and Legacy Bowl; all selected by NFL Officiating), and spring leagues. Development Seasons include all NFL development programs with special development programs indicated (*only worked in a college all-star game, †development program specifically for retired NFL players, ‡invited to participate in a specialized clinic). All information is from the Football Zebras database of NFL recruits, compiled from publicly available information.

    Yrs Conference Pro Experience Development Seasons
SW Derek Anderson 3 Big 12 22/Senior/DJ, USFL/DJ 2020-22
BJ Krystle Apellaniz 1 Big 12   2022
SW Baron Ballester 4 American Athletic 20/NFLPA/LJ 2019-22
DF Bryan Banks 3 Big Ten 21/Senior/U&R, 22/Shrine/R, USFL/R 2020-22
LJ Brett Bergman 1 Big Ten AAF/L, XFL/L, USFL/LJ 2022
LJ Jay Bilbo 1 CFO West   2022
FJ Wes Booker 5 SEC 18/Senior/FJ, 19/Senior/Prac, XFL/Supervisor 2018-22
BJ Courtney Brown 1 Conference USA   2022
U Scott Campbell 2 Big 12 19/Senior/Prac, AAF/U, XFL/U 2019*, 2022
R James Carter 6 SEC 15/Senior/R, 17/Senior, 19/NFLPA, 21/Senior/R&U, AAF/R, XFL/R, USFL/R 2017-18, 2019*, 2020-22
DF Conor Clougherty 3 ACC   2020-22
LJ Cat Conti 2 Mountain West 15/DAL-SF/Parry, 22/NFLPA/L 2015, 2022
DF Gabriel DeLeon 3 Big 12   2020-22
SW Matt Dornan 3 Pac-12   2020-22
U Jeremy Epps 1 Conference USA   2022
SW Walter Flowers 1 SEC USFL/LJ 2022
SW Josiah Ford 1 ACC 22/NFLPA/H 2022
DF Glen Fucik 5 SEC 19/Senior/Prac, 22/Shrine, AAF/F, XFL/F, USFL/FJ 2018-22
DF Daniel Gautreaux 5 SEC AAF/F, XFL/F, USFL/FJ 2017, 2019-22
LJ Quentin Givens 6 Big 12 15/GB-PIT/Hussey, 17/NFLPA, AAF/L, XFL/L, USFL/LJ 2015-17, 2020-22
DJ Chad Green 3 SEC 17/Senior/Prac, 21/Senior/DJ 2017*, 2021-22
DF Michael Griffith 5 ACC 17/Senior/Prac 2016, 2017*, 2020-22
MJ Martin Hankins 5 SEC 19/Senior/MJ, 22/Shrine/Deep, USFL/BJ 2018-22
DF Tim Hedgepeth 3 ACC   2019‡, 2021-22
DF Phillip Hicks 1 Big Ten   2022
U Walter Hill 3 SEC   2020-22
DF Tobian Johnson 3 Pac-12   2019‡, 2021-22
SJ Joe Johnston 6 Pac-12 17/NFLPA/BJ, 18/Senior/BJ, 19/OAK-AZ/Cheffers, 20/Senior, 22/Senior/BJ, XFL/B, USFL/BJ 2017, 2018*, 2019-22
SW Dale Keller 3 Pac-12 AAF/H, XFL/H, USFL/DJ 2020-22
DF Jacob Kemp 5 Big Ten   2016-17, 2020-22
FJ Justin Larrew 6 SEC 13/Shrine/SJ, 17/Shrine/HL, 17/KC-CIN/Coleman, 18/NFLPA, AAF/S, XFL/S, USFL/SJ 2016-17, 2018*, 2020-22
DF Jason Ledet 4 Big 12 USFL/FJ 2019-22
SW Tangela Mitchell-Ross 3 SWAC XFL/H USFL/LJ 2019‡, 2021-22
FJ Justin Nelson 7 Pac-12 16/CAR-TEN/Blakeman, 19/NFLPA, AAF/B, XFL/B 2016-2018, 2019*, 2020-22
SJ LaShell Nelson 7 Big Ten 19/Shrine/FJ, 21/Senior/SJ, XFL/S, USFL/SJ 2016-20, 2021*, 2022
SW Carlos Owens 2 Mountain West 22/Legacy/DJ 2021-22
LJ Brian Perry 4 ACC 21/Senior/LJ, 22/Legacy/LJ 2019-20, 2021*, 2022
DF Sean Petty 2 SEC 22/Legacy/SJ 2021-22
SW Henrietta Powell 2 MEAC/SLC/SIAC 22/Legacy/AO 2021-22
DF Nicole Randolph 3 MAC   2016, 2021-22
DJ Stephen Ray 3 SEC 20/Senior 2020-22
U Robert Richeson 5 Big 12   2017-18, 2020-22
DJ Brian Sakowski 3 ACC 20/NFLPA/DJ, 22/Shrine/LJ 2020-22
DF Tuta Salaam 3 Big 12 22/Senior/FJ, 22/Legacy/R, USFL/SJ 2020-22
CJ Amanda Sauer 2 Big Ten AAF/C, XFL/C, USFL/U 2017, 2022
CJ Dan Scanlan 2 Big 12   2021-22
DF Larry Smith 4 Big Ten 20/Senior/R, AAF/C XFL/C USFL/R 2016, 2020*, 2021-22
SJ Frank Steratore 7 Big Ten 16/Shrine/FJ, 16/TB-JAX/McAulay,17/Shrine, 19/CIN-WAS,Hochuli,S, AAF/S, XFL/S, USFL/SJ 2016-22
SW Rudy Studd 1     2022
U William Thomas 8 ACC 19/Shrine, XFL/U 2013-15†, 2018-22
FJ Karina Tovar 2 ACC   2021-22
CJ Tyree Walton 2 Big 12 22/NFLPA/B, AAF/B, XFL/B, USFL/BJ 2021-22
SW Andy Warner 1 Big 12 AAF/L 2022
U Marcus Woods 4 ACC 20/Shrine/U, 22/Legacy/U 2019-22
BJ Daniel Young 2 Big 12 22/Senior/AO 2021-22
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