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Super Bowl LV

Super Bowl LV liveblog: Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

Live coverage of the calls and rules interpretations of today’s Super Bowl from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Carl Cheffers is the referee.



Follow us here through the game for our live coverage of the calls and rules interpretations of today’s Super Bowl from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. 

Carl Cheffers is the referee for Super Bowl LV. His all-star crew, with alternates shown in shaded rows, includes:

      Yrs 2020 crew College Occupation Prev. Playoff Prev. SB
R 51 Carl Cheffers 21   California-Irvine sales manager 5 WC, 6 DIV, 2 CC LI
U 11 Fred Bryan 12 Blakeman Northern Iowa superintendent, juvenile correctional facility 3 WC, 3 DIV, 1 CC LIII
DJ 53 Sarah Thomas 6 Hochuli Mobile sales representative 3 DIV *
LJ 59 Rusty Baynes 11 Boger Auburn-Montgomery general manager, safety services 4 WC, 4 DIV, 3 CC 50
FJ 95 James Coleman 16 Torbert Arkansas electrical engineer 2 WC, 5 DIV †
SJ 103 Eugene Hall 7 Rogers North Texas federal agent 3 WC, 3 DIV, 2 CC LIII
BJ 105 Dino Paganelli 15 Smith Aquinas College educator 2 WC, 8 DIV, 2 CC XLVII
R 14 Shawn Smith 6   Ferris State finance 3 WC, 1 DIV, 1 CC *
U 128 Ramon George 5 Hochuli Lenoir-Rhyne financial underwriter 1 WC, 1 DIV, 1 CC ‡
DJ 6 Jerod Phillips 5 Rogers Northeastern State elementary school teacher 2 WC, 2 DIV, 1 CC *
LJ 84 Mark Steinkerchner 27 Smith Akron vice president 2 WC, 14 DIV, 1 CC XXXVII, XXXIX
FJ 97 Tom Hill 22 Hochuli Carson Newman retired teacher/coach 9 WC, 3 DIV, 8 CC XL, XLIX, LII
SJ 26 Jabir Walker 6 Kemp Murray State middle school teacher 1 WC ‡
BJ 88 Brad Freeman 7 Boger Mississippi State sports park director 4 WC, 2 DIV, 2 CC  
  • Replay official: Mike Wimmer
  • Replay assistant: Sean McKee
  • Alternate replay official: Mark Butterworth

Previous playoff experience for on-field officials includes a 2020 Divisional Playoff game.

*-First year of eligibility. (For Thomas, apparent eligibility is met when credited with a playoff game while sidelined with an injury.) †-Not eligible for an on-field assignment based on previously published criteria (Coleman has not worked any conference championship game or worked 3 playoff games in the previous 5 years). ‡-Not eligible for on-field assignment, but no restrictions on substitution.

Image: Chad Young for Football Zebras, Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images, Manfred Schmidt/

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