Super Bowl LV photo gallery

Final one of the year! With thanks to team photographers and Getty Images, here is the Super Bowl LV crew on the field. From Getty Images: From team photographers: Sarah Thomas (Kansas City Chiefs)Rusty Baynes (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)Dino Paganelli (center) with James Coleman in the foreground (Tampa Bay Buccaneers).Sarah Thomas (Kansas City

4 officiating observations from Super Bowl LV

We made it. No canceled games (although we did have Tuesday and Wednesday Football this year!). While Super Bowl LV was far from a classic, competitive game, fans of the zebras can stayed engaged until the final gun. Here are my officiating thoughts, written even before the vaccum sucked up all the

Super Bowl LV liveblog: Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

Follow us here through the game for our live coverage of the calls and rules interpretations of today’s Super Bowl from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.  Carl Cheffers is the referee for Super Bowl LV. His all-star crew, with alternates shown in shaded rows, includes:       Yrs 2020 crew College Occupation Prev. Playoff Prev. SB R 51 Carl Cheffers 21   California-Irvine sales manager 5 WC,

5 Super Bowl officiating odds and ends

Let's dig down into the Super Bowl LV crew and see how it stacks up historically to Super Bowl officials. 1. Roster history In the 101-year history of the NFL, more than 1,100 people have officiated at least one NFL game. In 55 Super Bowls, there have been 366 officiating slots open. 206

Sarah Thomas is set to make history again. But did the league rush to get to the milestone?

Sarah Thomas has blazed a trail in 25 football seasons. She started calling football in her native Mississippi in 1996. This Sunday, she officiates the biggest game of the year, Super Bowl LV. When Thomas, 47, was in high school, she didn't play football, but she was a star athlete. She

Carl Cheffers is the referee for Super Bowl LV. Sarah Thomas becomes the first woman to officiate a Super Bowl

Football Zebras has confirmed that Carl Cheffers will be the referee for Super Bowl LV in Tampa. Cheffers, 60, is in his 21st season and 13th as referee. This is Cheffers’ 15th postseason assignment, including 5 Wild Card Playoffs, 6 Divisional Playoffs, 2 Conference Championships. He previously officiated Super Bowl LI