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Flozell Adams fined $50K, no suspension

Cowboys offensive tackle in a 2007 file photo. (Credit: texas_mustang, Flickr)
Flozell Adams in a 2007 file photo. (Credit: texas_mustang, Flickr)
The league came down heavy, but did not suspend, Cowboys lineman Flozell Adams for a cheap shot that exploited a loophole in the rulebook. While the officials were forced to dismiss the yardage penalty, the league fined Adams $50,000 for his fifth fined offense this season and opted not to suspend him.

The league’s schedule of fines says that a flagrant personal foul carries a “suspension or fine, severity to be determined by degree of violation; the fine may be $10,000 or higher for first offense.” This text is stretching across the first- and second-offense columns on the chart of fines. Seems like the league went with the severe fine and multiplied it by the offense.

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Ben Austro
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