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Disciplinary Action

Javon Wims suspended for 2 games, which stands after losing his appeal

Bears WR Javon Wims lost his appeal of a 2-game suspension.



Javon Wims, the Bears receiver who was ejected or fighting in Sunday’s game against the Saints, has lost his appeal of a 2-game suspension.

Wims started landing what would be described as haymakers if not for the fact that Saints cornerback Chauncey Gardner-Johnson was wearing a helmet. It appeared to be an unprovoked attack, however Garder-Johnson apparently yanked the mouthpiece off Wims’ face mask on a previous play, an act that could still trigger a fine later in the week.

According to Spotrac, Wims has not been fined or suspended prior to this incident, so the suspension is based solely on the severity of this incident.

Retired wide receiver James Thrash was appointed as the appeals officer for Wims’ case and upheld the 2-game suspension. He has the authority to reduce suspensions and fines in the appeal process.

Wims joins a short, but in recent seasons ever-growing, list of players who have been suspended more than one game from an infraction that occurred on the field.

Multiple-game suspensions of NFL players for game infractions


Player Team Season Suspension Reason
Vontaze Burfict OAK 2019 12 games* flagrant lowering helmet to initiate contact, numerous past infractions in a continuous span (ejected)
Myles Garrett CLE 2019 6 games* removing a player’s helmet and using it as a weapon (ejected)
Albert Haynesworth TEN 2005 5 games stepping on face of prone, helmetless player (ejected)
Vontaze Burfict CIN 2017** 3 games‡ blindside block/unnecessary roughness with prior suspendable infractions (no penalty)
Vontaze Burfict CIN 2015† 3 games multiple infractions of defenseless player hits (no penalty)
Javon Wims CHI 2020 2 games punching an opponent (ejected)
Maurkice Pouncey PIT 2019 2 games‡ punching and kicking (ejected)
Brandon Meriweather WAS 2014** 2 games defenseless player hit, multiple prior illegal hits (prior suspension reduced 2 to 1 game on appeal)
Ndamukong Suh DET 2011 2 games stomped on prone player (ejected)
Charles Martin GB 1986 2 games slamming quarterback long after pass thrown (ejected)
Antonio Smith HOU 2013** 1+ game§ using a helmet as a weapon, but no contact (no penalty)

*Remainder of the 2019 season, including postseason (neither team made playoffs). **preseason. †postseason, served in 2016.
‡Appeal reduction: Burfict (2017) from 5 games to 3, Pouncey 3 games to 2.
§1 regular season game and 2 preseason games, but loss of 1 game check.
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