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AssignmentsReferee assignments, Preseason Week 4

Referee assignments, Preseason Week 4

The list of the NFL replacement officials for the final preseason week is available after the jump.

NOTE: The officials that are listed were scheduled to work the games indicated. After reviewing the officials shown in the NFL gamebooks, we are finding that some of the assignments have been substituted.

All times are EDT. Positions are listed in order: referee, umpire, head linesman, line judge, field judge, side judge, and back judge.

The relative positions of the officials on the field. The first-down chains are at the top sideline, the single yard-to-gain and the drive-start stakes at the bottom sideline. The chain crew switches sidelines at halftime, as do the four sideline officials.

Wednesday, Aug. 29

Patriots at Giants, 7 p.m. (NFL Net)

R 56 Bobby Jackson
U 25 Hugh Douglass
HL 52 Perry Hudspeth
LJ 121 Charles Townsend
FJ 53 Brad Hudspeth
SJ 55 Kent Intagliata
BJ 21 Jeff Corley
Alt 86 Kent Roan

Buccaneers at Redskins, 7 p.m.

R 20 Jim Core
U 7 (?) Glen Bamlet
HL   Noel Strickland
LJ 62 Jerome King
FJ 31 Larry Farina
SJ   Regan Foster
BJ 132 (?) Tom Wohlleber
Alt 68 Tim Morris

Dolphins at Cowboys, 8:30 p.m.

R 36 Robert Frazer
U 47 Lemuel Hawkins
HL 9 Michael Bell
LJ 59 Tom Keeling
FJ 127 Calvin White
SJ 136 Corey Hendley
BJ 48 Greg Hay
Alt 99 Ali Shetula

Thursday, Aug. 30

Chiefs at Packers, 7 p.m.

R 28 Wayne Elliot
U 46 Marc Harrod
HL 81 Victor Pettus
LJ 18 Joe Clark
FJ 102 Richard Simmons
SJ 26 Lance Easley
BJ 84 Derrick Rhone-Dunn
Alt 3 Mark Andrew

Vikings at Texas, 7 p.m.

R 12 Donovan Briggans
U 19 David Clisham
HL 63 Lynn Lawhon
LJ 27 Shannon Eastin
FJ   Eric Joe
SJ 16 Paul Caldera
BJ 32 Mike Fischer
Alt 108 Steve Stone

Bills at Lions, 7 p.m.

R   Mike Shepherd
U 60 Tim Keese
HL 29 Tom Falcinetti
LJ   George Shinkan
FJ   Henry Zaborniak
SJ   Greg Sweeney
BJ   Mark Kelsay
Alt 124 Michael Varner

Saints at Titans, 7 p.m.

R 92 David Scott
U 95 Rick Shavensky
HL 17 Ronald Castrovinci
LJ 116 Rondell Taylor
FJ 82 Bob Powell
SJ 89 Jeff Sadorus
BJ 14 Craig Burd
Alt 4 David Angel

Bengals at Colts, 7 p.m.

R 49 Bruce Hermansen
U 114 Randy Tabler
HL 88 Rodney Russell
LJ 39 Esteban Garza
FJ 105 Rusty Spindel
SJ 85 Mike Riley
BJ   William Theodore
Alt 23 Charles Derrick, Jr.

Bears at Browns, 7:30 p.m.

R 70 Richard “Matt” Nicks
U 42/93 McKinney Griffin or Richard Shackelford
HL 11 Tony Brasuell
LJ 116 Rondell Taylor
FJ 135 Arthur Cook
SJ 76 Craig Patrick
BJ 5 Chris Atterberry
Alt 24 Raymond Dobson

Panthers at Steelers, 7:30 p.m.

R 131 Jim Winterberg
U 101 Bob Shoulders
HL 69 Greg Maxwell
LJ 119 Joshua Thurow
FJ 34 Thaddious Foster
SJ 110 Brain Stropolo
BJ 6 Larry Babcock
Alt 41 Timothy Griffin

Ravens at Rams, 8 p.m.

R 128 David White
U 44 Mike Hannon
HL 77 Mike Peek
LJ 118 Alvin “A.J.” Thomas
FJ 71 Keith Norman
SJ 130 Barry Wilson
BJ 6 Peter Shafer
Alt 60 Donald King

Raiders at Seahawks, 10 p.m.

R 37 Jerry Frump
U   Brian Taylor
HL 29 Bill Etzler
LJ   Jeffrey Taylor
FJ 87 Tony Robinson
SJ 8 Randall Beesley
BJ 74 Larry Orrico
Alt 107 Darin Stiers

Chargers at 49ers, 10:05 p.m.

R 133 Gerald Wright
U 90 Steve Sadowski
HL 40 Thomas Gibson
LJ 129 Michael Wilmoth
FJ 122 George Trout
SJ 120 Guy Trawick
BJ 98 Aaron Schrein
Alt 75 Jeff Otterby

Broncos at Cardinals, 11 p.m.

R 54 Jerry Hughes
U 80 John Petrone
HL 45 Thurman Hardison
LJ 104 Derrick Smith
FJ 51 Jeff Hopf
SJ 79 Martin Peters
BJ 66 Michael Malito
Alt 91 Edward Schmid
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