Referee assignments, preseason week 2

Carl Cheffers leads his crew in a Thursday night ESPN game. Three officials will audition for a potential future promotion to the referee position. (Originally, we had this listed for last week, but we are receiving further information that it will occur this week.) All times Eastern. Live games on

3 officials audition for referee position

Football Zebras exclusive Updated Aug. 13, 2014 The NFL will audition three officials at the referee position this week in the second preseason week.  Three current NFL officials will don the white hat for at least one preseason game where the NFL will scout them as potential future referees.  Last year, the

Referee assignments, Preseason Week 4

The list of the NFL replacement officials for the final preseason week is available after the jump. NOTE: The officials that are listed were scheduled to work the games indicated. After reviewing the officials shown in the NFL gamebooks, we are finding that some of the assignments have been substituted. 3896

Rodgers-Cromartie fined $21K for launching

The NFL assessed its first fine of the season for an on-field infraction against Eagles safety Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Last Thursday, Rodgers-Cromartie hit Steelers quarterback Byron Leftwich by lowering his helmet and leaping towards him. In the NFL rulebook, this is called launching, a 15-yard penalty that invariably leads to a

Was Rodgers-Cromartie hard hit a flag test?

Steelers at Eagles 1st Qtr | 1:12 | Steelers 3-0 | Steelers ball | 3rd & 16 @ PIT 24 | video Eagles safety Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will obviously be the first player lined up to pay at the NFL disciplinary fine window. In the first quarter, Rodgers-Cromartie laid a hit on Steelers quarterback

Preseason Week 1 Thursday commentary

It still is summer, and we usually lay low here during the preseason. But, given the circumstances of the replacement NFL referees, we are going to sporadically add some thoughts here about the calls made by the officials through the night. [liveblog]