When a dead-ball foul is not a dead-ball foul

Week 6: Bengals at Patriots (video) In the fourth quarter against the Bengals, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski caught a 12-yard reception and was tackled at the Bengals 8-yard line. After some two-sided friction after the play, officials separated the teams. While Gronkowski was being lead away by field judge Aaron

You make the call: Did the Dolphins have a legal formation on TD?

Week 6: Steelers at Dolphins The Dolphins scored a touchdown on a 1st-and-goal play in the second quarter with an elaborate formation shift. The touchdown wound up being nullified by an illegal formation penalty, and the Dolphins wound up kicking a field goal on fourth down. Did the officials correctly wipe

No mercy in the NFL

Embed from Getty Images   Teams play all 60 minutes no matter the score College football made some news last week as Clemson played South Carolina State in an early season game where the haves play the have-nots. The game got so lopsided that both teams agreed to shorten the quarters and not

Everything you need to know about eligibility reporting

During a Week 15 game that was more for draft position than anything, the Tennessee Titans rolled out an unusual tactic on the final play of the game. The Titans were trailing the Jets 16-11, and they were obviously going to attempt to score a touchdown on a series of

Rule changes for the 2015 Pro Bowl

The NFL has furnished Football Zebras with the rules modifications in place for the Pro Bowl. For player safety and exhibition purposes, there are restrictions on formations, pass coverage, and rushing the quarterback or kicker. The formation and coverage schemes are monitored by Dean Blandino and an unnamed assistant coach

Cardinals coach: Lure chop block ‘the dirtiest play I’ve ever seen’

Week 5: Cardinals at Broncos Broncos tight end Julius Thomas was flagged for a 15-yard illegal chop block on Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell. Campbell suffered a strained MCL and will be out three to four weeks. His coach, Bruce Arians, called it "the dirtiest play I've seen in the National