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Week 11 referee assignments

Tony Corrente will be the referee for the NFC West battle between the Cardinals and Seahawks in Seattle. Clete Blakeman, Clay Martin, and Brad Rogers are off this week.

For the first time in NFL history, a full crew of African-American officials are slated to officiate an NFL game. Jerome Boger will lead the historic crew on Monday Night Football in Tampa for the game between the Rams and Buccaneers.

Scheduled game assignments are subject to change due to the pandemic.

Thursday, Nov. 19

  • Cardinals at Seahawks  FOX NFLN  â€”  Tony Corrente

Sunday, Nov. 22

  • Eagles at Browns  â€”  Adrian Hill
  • Packers at Colts  â€”  Shawn Hochuli
  • Falcons at Saints  â€”  Brad Allen
  • Bengals at WAS Football Team  â€”  Shawn Smith
  • Lions at Panthers  â€”  Ron Torbert
  • Steelers at Jaguars  â€”  Scott Novak
  • Titans at Ravens  â€”  Alex Kemp
  • Patriots at Texans  â€”  John Hussey
  • Dolphins at Broncos  â€”  Land Clark
  • Jets at Chargers  â€”  Craig Wrolstad
  • Cowboys at Vikings  â€”  Bill Vinovich
  • Chiefs at Raiders  NBC  â€”  Carl Cheffers

Monday, Nov. 23

  • Rams at Buccaneers  ESPN  â€”  Jerome Boger
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Cameron Filipe
Cam Filipe is a forensic scientist from Massachusetts and has been involved in football officiating for 11 years. Cam is in his third season as a high school football official. This is his eighth season covering NFL officiating for Football Zebras.

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9 thoughts on “Week 11 referee assignments

  1. This is the third time Boger has been assigned to a Bucs game, and second at Raymond James (Week 1 at New Orleans & Week 6 vs. Green Bay). The NFL could’ve easily assigned a black referee that has not been assigned to the Bucs games more than once (I.e., Adrian Hill, Shawn Smith, Ron Torbert).

  2. Hey anonymous ben will not speculate to postings in season, the ONLY TIME HE EVER DOSE IS PRESEASON FOR SUPERBOWL AND POSTSEASON. you want a list here you go
    1. Brad Allen, 2. Jerome boger. 3. Tony corente. 4 clever Blakeman, 5.shawn Smith, 6. Adrian Hill. 7 ron Tolbert 8. Shawn hochuli 9. Scott Novak, 10 land Clark. 11. John hussein 12. Craig worlstead 13.bill voinivich 14.carl cheffers 15.clAy Martin 16. Brad rodgers and 17. Land Clark, it is the same list for ANY GAME IN THE NFL YOU WANT TO ASK. OH WAIT THATS ALL OF THE OFFICALS. You want to figure it out look at the 2 teams and what officals have refused the last 3 games normal)y the NFL dose not have the same crew do more than one game for a team in a 3 week period.

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