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Week 17 referee assignments

Ed Hochuli will have the AFC North title game on Sunday night. Games are grouped generally by the impact they have on the playoffs. (If we have made an error, let us know in the comments.) Teams in italics are seeking a playoff berth.

Bill Vinovich is off this week.

Sunday, December 28

Games for division titles

  • Panthers at Falcons — Bill Leavy
  • Lions at Packers — Walt Anderson
  • Bengals at Steelers NBC — Ed Hochuli

Games with division title implications

  • Cardinals at 49ers — Carl Cheffers
  • Rams at Seahawks — Ronald Torbert

Games with wild card implications

  • Browns at Ravens — Gene Steratore
  • Jaguars at Texans — John Parry
  • Chargers at Chiefs — Pete Morelli

Games for top seed positions only

Games involving division titles also affect the top two seeds except for CAR-ATL

  • Cowboys at Washington — Jerome Boger
  • Raiders at Broncos — Clete Blakeman

No playoff implications

  • Jets at Dolphins — Craig Wrolstad
  • Bears at Vikings — Jeff Triplette
  • Bills at Patriots — Terry McAulay
  • Eagles at Giants — Walt Coleman
  • Colts* at Titans — Tony Corrente
  • Saints at Buccaneers — Brad Allen

*-Playoff implications only if CIN-PIT is a tie.

End of the regular season

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28 thoughts on “Week 17 referee assignments

  1. wow yet another week stuck with leavy. 8 times i saw him in regional play yet saw the rookie Rs a combined 3 times this year. wonder why the nfl keeps shoving leavy down my throat. at least i am not stuck with milk dud or elmer fudd anymore

  2. Byron…Your an IDOIT!! Go back to watching ballet, you know…something you actually know about!

  3. Byron has a valid point…..Hochuli will hand the game to the Stealers! Unbelievable assignment! The Bengals will have every kick called back for a push in the back. Hochuli missed several obvious calls last week.

  4. Why is bill leavy anywhere near a game with playoff implications? 4 times in the last two years the NFL has apologized for decisions he blew that affected the outcome of games, including a playoff implication game in week 17 last year.

  5. A lot of games that have meaning are being worked by some of the worst crews. Oh I forgot- Park Ave wants certain teams to win…….

  6. Does anyone agree with me that Jerome Boger looks like Major Grant (John Amos) from Die Hard 2 AND gets the game in Washington after the conflict at Dulles

  7. As always, imagine if that was a replacement?! Ed also has faced the wrong way at least 4 times this season…glad he’s not my lawyer, he might argue FOR the other side!
    Nepotism continues in the Big 10. They got Alex Kemp, now there is another Kemp (had a Bowl game this week), and of course Carolla’s buddy’s son, Kukar is in there, too. Oh, yeah, and another Steratore. Amazing! So many officials working who are better than the current D1 and even NFL guys, but unions, nepotism, race, gender, and politics will keep them out.

  8. Worst crew since the replacement refs did the green bay-detroit game today. Made me wonder if any of the crew was born in Milwaukee.

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