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Week 16 referee assignments

Jeff Triplette is the referee for this week’s special Saturday night game.

Thursday, Dec 18

  • Titans at Jaguars NFLN — Clete Blakeman

Saturday, Dec. 20

(Times shown are Eastern)

  • Eagles at Washington, 4:30 p.m. NFLN –Carl Cheffers
  • Chargers at 49ers, 8:25 p.m. CBS NFLN — Jeff Triplette

Sunday, Dec. 21

  • Vikings at Dolphins — Tony Corrente
  • Lions at Bears — Gene Steratore
  • Falcons at Saints — John Parry
  • Packers at Buccaneers — Terry McAulay
  • Ravens at Texans — Walt Coleman
  • Browns at Panthers — Ed Hochuli
  • Chiefs at Steelers — Ronald Torbert
  • Patriots at Jets — Brad Allen
  • Giants at Rams — Pete Morelli
  • Bills at Raiders — Craig Wrolstad
  • Colts at Cowboys — Bill Leavy
  • Seahawks at Cardinals NBC — Walt Anderson

Monday, Dec. 22

  • Broncos at Bengals ESPN — Bill Vinovich
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16 thoughts on “Week 16 referee assignments

  1. wow stuck again with milk dud in a regional game! and bill leavy again. still don’t get to see any of the rookie refs this season. oh and elmer fudd on saturday night sucks.

  2. As many big games and primetime games as Vinovich is getting, it seems he is lining up well for the SuperBowl (if he is eligible).

  3. why does the league hate walt anderson? took til week 16 to get a prime time game while 4 refs got multiple thursday games? 2013 and 2012 were very balanced scheduling but not this year. 0 regional games with torbert this year, 1 with wrolstad, 3 with allen. meanwhile stuck with leavy (AGAIN) and milk dud (AGAIN).

  4. Oh ok, then who’s milk dud?? Lol. This scheduling is weird this year. Not one of the three rookies have worked an Eagles game, but we had Vinovich twice at home, and he was awful the second time.

  5. Bill- re watch the Eagles/Cards game and see why Anderson isn’t getting prime time games this year…

  6. normally everyone gets prime time games even if they are bad. then again these days everyone gets a playoff game since elmer fudd butchered 2 games last year and got a playoff game.

  7. He’s butchered a lot more than that in his career. And the NFL needs to make performance the ONLY criteria for postseason work. None of this senority and give others a chance BS. They need competition not complacency……

  8. Boger and Triplette are the two worst refs in my opinion. I like pipes, Parry, and Steratore. All time favorites would be Tommy Bell, Ben Dreith, Red Cashion, Mike Carey, Johnny Grier, and “pipes” Hochuli in no certain order.

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