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Quick calls: Week 16


We will have our eyes on the games, but if you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.


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21 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 16

  1. Officials at Viking Miami game were absolutely incompetent…. Calls only went one way.. Boo to you…. Your team should be fined for showing partiality to Miami. Must have gotten a Big Christmas bonus from them. Even commentators thought you were BAD..

  2. Check the Browns’ interception of Cam Newton. The defender dove to make the catch and then gave the ball to a defensive back and he ran it back for a touchdown. No one touched the interceptor but he was ruled to have “given himself up” and the touchdown did not count.

  3. Some awful taunting calls this week too. Steelers, Giants…horrible calls.

    Will probably be defended by league though as “point of emphasis”.

  4. Chiefs vs Steelers. Roughing the passer (offset with offensive foul). Taunting foul against Gay after stopping a 3rd and long. The no call leg whip on Ben (still threw a td).

  5. Never heard of a lineman who dove to make an interception as “giving himself up”! Is this the NFL or college? The NFL ex referee commentator also stated that since his TEAMMATE touched him, he was down by contact. Lol. How stupid is that?

  6. Agree, that was such a ridiculous call by Ed Hochuli’s crew it is laughable – and truly may have changed the outcome of that game. The so called officiating “expert” on TV referred to a rule stating that when a player is down and another player takes the ball from him, the play is dead at that moment. Of course, the “expert” (Mike ???) failed to mention or realize that the rule states that if an OPPONENT takes the ball from a downed player, the play is dead at that moment. Of course a teamate can take the ball and advance it – we have all seen it happen a million times in the NFL. Ed need to retire to the gym once and for all…

  7. Well that’s two games in two weeks that Hochuli’s crew allowed one team to win based on a terrible call. How much longer is the NFL (and Las Vegas) going to tolerate Hochuli deciding the outcome of NFL games?

  8. Bill Vinovich for super bowl 49! he is an exceptional official! he has had a lot of primetime games and he has executed ALL of them perfectly! my prediction is that Bill Vinovich will be The Referee for Super Bowl 49

  9. Imagine if the replacements made the same decisions as the ones all of you are complaining about (and well you should)!
    Hochuli only kept around because his son (only 33 years old!!) is a rookie this year, and although not on the same crew, sentimental reasons to have them on staff together. The hypocrisy and nepotism continues.

  10. Mike Carey always seems to see the replays different than the replay booth and seems to see plays different that the officials on the field.

  11. John mike Carey is a damn moron who has no reasoning skills. He can’t even define possession I was offered his job next year

  12. Vinovich a good crew? They’ve been horrible more times than not. Vegas probably controls the refs hence Hoc’s crew giving the games away…..I really wonder how the refs are rated….

  13. @Dave C
    If you ever need to replace that tinfoil hat you’re wearing, we’ve got special discounts if you buy in bulk.

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