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Quick calls: Week 17


We will have our eyes on the games, but if you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.

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19 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 17

  1. Ed Hochuli working the Bengals/Steelers game is controversial. This crew is constantly embroiled in controversy! Remember the Huber hit last year that this same crew missed?

  2. Where do we start today? DeSean Jackson 70 yard TD and two o linemen illegally downfield and not called……(more than one yard); DeMarco Murray tackled but falls on defender and is not down….going onto score…..but can’t because IW blows it dead; then, Dez Bryant catches ball in bounds for TD, easy call blown, and has to be reversed. Could it be because the Head Linesman is morbidly obese, can’t move, and yet remains one of the “best?” Disgusting.

  3. The HL in the Dallas game is pathetically overweight for the NFL. Boger’s crew makes right call for helmet off in Wash., but then a wrong call on the same play for (and I quote Boger here), making a tackle with the helmet.
    And will someone PLEASE tell Steratore to pull down is damn sleeves! Every week it is the same look! No one else on his crew does it, and he looks foolish in addition to his overt cockiness. His LJ also needs to hang it up along with the SJ (Waggoner) on his crew. They also missed a receiving team hold on a punt enforcement spot by 2 yards.

  4. Also the “TD” in Chicago where two officials blew it. Wasn’t even close to two feet down.

    And then a REALLY grievous missed DPI when SD still had a chance in KC.

    Pretty bad day today for the officials.

  5. DET (defense) called for too many men, but it was treated as a live ball foul and the play was allowed to stand. I thought too many men was dead ball?

  6. BWburke94: I believe only too many men on the offense is a dead ball foul. Packers weren’t substituting so the Lions subbed at their own risk and got caught.

    Speaking of Lions-Packers, I can’t say I like the RTP call on Brad Jones of the Packers that led to the Lions TD. I know why it was called (hand across the helmet), but the blow wasn’t that forceable to Stafford.

  7. @ak040482: That was changed after one of the Pats-Giants Super Bowls. It’s dead ball now. I assume it wasn’t caught until after the snap, but the Packers may have not given the Lions time to substitute, and since it was outside 2 minutes…

    And speaking of Lions-Packers, the reversed 2-point conversion makes no sense to me. There was no indisputable evidence he was short.

  8. The officiating of Green Bay. versus Detroit was pretty pathetic. Rvery single important call went for Green Bay. Not even close to impartial.

  9. @bwburke94 I didn’t see the play, but defensive 12-men is a live ball when the 12th defender is running off the field. Defensive 12-men is only a dead ball when the snap is imminent.

  10. Uh, two point reversal call with 1:45 left in game to cover the spread for GB after there was clearly not enough evidence to support overturning the call, as per Aikman. How about the ridiculous intentional grounding call in the end zone on Stafford? Think our head referee might have had a little financial interest on GB today…

  11. Dallas v Wash calling Murray down by contacy on a TD tht was lost in 1st Half… Run before he broke record

  12. During the Detroit v Green Bay game. Det on offense. Green Bay DT gives Det C Swanson a ‘welcome to the NFL” offside hit. The Det RB stands up out of his stance after Swanson was knocked back in to the QB. Detroit is flagged for illegal procedure, because the RB is not a protected position and cannot move when a defensive player moves towards the LOS. The DT obviously made contact. How is this not an offside call?

  13. Three more bad calls in the Detroit v. GB game. Aaron Rodgers left knee (not his right that was the focus of attention) was down while he turn his back to the goal, thus the ball never crossed the goal line. GB was given the TD anyway. Then they have the gall to reverse the 2 pt. conversion when it was too close to call.

    The other call that was overlooked was Jared Allen’s forearm to Stafford’s helmet. If a slap to the helmet is a “blow to the head”, then a forearm certainly is. Finally, Stafford was driven into the ground after throwing a pass. I’ve seen that called numerous time on the Lions, but that never seems to get called when Stafford is picked up and driven into the turf. What’s up with that?

  14. Adventures in Officiating: Last week TMQ noted that when Russell Wilson repeatedly jumped up and down versus Arizona in order to get the center to hike — Seattle was using a silent snap based on the quarterback raising a leg — he should have been flagged for illegal motion. Sunday, Jersey/A lined up for a field goal versus Philadelphia. The Giants shifted, with holder Steve Weatherford becoming the quarterback for a fake kick. Weatherford lifted his leg, no snap. Then he jumped into the air to get the center’s attention — and was immediately flagged for false start.

    Bahamas Bowl
    AP Photo/The Daily News/Austin Anthony
    At the Bahamas Bowl, good seats were available.
    Green Bay leading 14-0 late in the second quarter, Matt Stafford threw incomplete on third-and-13. Just after the release, a Packers pass-rusher smacked Stafford lightly on the side of his helmet — roughing the passer, touchdown pass on the next Detroit snap. Contact with the quarterback’s helmet is illegal, plus the rule says, “When in doubt about a roughness call or potentially dangerous tactic against the quarterback, the referee should always call roughing the passer.” But the contact was trivial, not in any way “potentially dangerous.” The NFL has good reason to protect quarterbacks, but the roughing-the-passer rules need to be reviewed in the offseason.

    The 500 Club: Facing USC, Nebraska gained 525

  15. Ro: Different rules for different players.

    Its not just the missed calls or the bad calls…its more the INCONSISTENT calls that drive me crazy.

  16. Makes you wonder where all the defense of the “regular” officials was during the 2012 lockout. There ARE replacements who ARE currently better than many of the current regulars. Give those 5-6 a shot, please!!

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