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FJ Edwards owns, nails difficult call on Steelers lateral play



Week 14: Dolphins at Steelers (video)

week14An incredible ending to the game, as a multiple-lateral play could have given the Steelers a game-winning touchdown. Field judge Scott Edwards called the play dead, with Steelers receiver Antonio Brown stepping out of bounds.

Edwards could have let the play run out, and let replay sort it out. Instead, he clearly, decisively, and correctly ruled the play dead. This was a huge call, as there is no replay allowed of Edwards’ call. He may have had an assist by the line judge, but Edwards owns the call if he’s right or if he’s wrong.

He made the correct call in the end. While running full speed. And looking backwards.

It was what the late officiating director Jerry Seeman would call “a Super Bowl call” in the regular season. Edwards was an alternate to last year’s big game. Could this call propel him to an on-field assignment? Make a note of this.

Postscript: Had the play been ruled a touchdown, the lateral by quarterback Ben Roethlisberger that went forward would have likely overturned the call to an illegal forward pass. However, referee John Parry would have had only 60 seconds to determine either the out-of-bounds or the lateral to overturn the call.