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Two-time Super Bowl official Fred Bryan retires to front office

Veteran NFL official Fred Bryan leaves the field for a NFL front office job.



Fred Bryan, a 15-year NFL veteran, has retired from the field and accepted a job in the NFL front office as an officiating coordinator coach – basically a person who trains current NFL officials.

Bryan joined the NFL in 2009 as an umpire and wore number 11 for his entire career. For the 2023 season, Bryan was listed as a swing down judge – the first year he was assigned to that sideline position. When Derrick Bowers was injured in Week 1, Bryan was the full time down judge on Alan Eck’s crew.

In his career, Bryan worked five wild card rounds, three divisional playoffs, two conference championships and Super Bowls LIII and LV. His final playoff assignment was down judge in last season’s wild card game between the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans. We noted that it was impressive for Bryan to be assigned a playoff game the first year he worked a brand new position with a completely different angle to view the game compared to the umpire position.

Congratulations to Bryan on an outstanding NFL career and we wish him the best as he trains the next generation of NFL officials.

Barring any late changes — for instance, ESPN is still hiring a rules analyst — here are the roster changes this year.

Leaving the field or booth

      Yrs 2023 crew Total games Postseason games
U 128 Ramon George 8 Rogers 124 6 (3 WC, 1 DIV, 2 CCG)
U 11 Fred Bryan 15 Eck 234 12 (5 WC, 3 DIV, 2 CCG, LIII, LV)
DJ 48 Jim Mello 20 Wrolstad 317 15 (8 WC, 3 DIV, 3 CCG, XLVIII)
LJ 100 Maia Chaka 3 Torbert 47 0
LJ 9 Mark Perlman 23 Vinovich 377 27* (7 WC, 12 DIV, 4 CCG, XLXLIIIXLIX, LVIII)
FJ 97 Tom Hill 25 Blake 399 27* (9 WC, 4 DIV, 10 CCG, XLXLIXLII, LVIII)
RO   Mark Butterworth 7 Vinovich 111 8 (3 WC, 2 DIV, 2 CCG, LVIII)
RA   Karlton Derrick 2 Cheffers 32 0

*2nd all time; replay official totals only

New hires

      MDP Yrs Spring League Yrs Conference/Position 2023 Bowl Games
DJ 100 Robert Richeson 6 2 Big 12 (U) ROSE
LJ 66 Derek Anderson 4 3 Big 12 (R) COTTON
LJ 46 Jeff Hutcheon 0 0 Pac-12 (H) RELIAQUEST
LJ 95 Brian Perry 5 2 ACC (H) ACC CHAMP SENIOR
FJ 91 Karina Tovar 3 3 Pac-12 (S) PINSTRIPE

Promoted to replay officials

      Yrs 2023 crew College Occupation
RO   Gavin Anderson 6 Wrolstad Green River police officer
RO   Gerald Frye 5 Eck Paul Quinn College professor
RO   Joe Wollan 5 Hill St. Thomas recruiter

Mark Schultz is a high school football official, freelance writer and journalist. He first became interested in officiating when he was six years old, was watching a NFL game with his father and asked the fateful question, "Dad, what are those guys in the striped shirts doing?"