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Week 14 referee assignments

Gene Steratore will preside over this Thursday’s match-up between the Vikings and Cardinals. Terry McAulay’s crew has this week off.

Thursday, Dec. 10

  • Vikings at Cardinals NFLN — Gene Steratore

Sunday, Dec. 13

  • Bills at Eagles — Ed Hochuli
  • Seahawks at Ravens — Walt Coleman
  • 49ers at Browns — John Hussey
  • Lions at Rams — Walt Anderson
  • Titans at Jets — Jerome Boger
  • Steelers at Bengals — John Parry
  • Colts at Jaguars — Carl Cheffers
  • Chargers at Chiefs — Pete Morelli
  • Washington at Bears — Ron Torbert
  • Falcons at Panthers — Tony Corrente
  • Saints at Buccaneers — Clete Blakeman
  • Raiders at Broncos — Bill Vinovich
  • Cowboys at Packers — Brad Allen
  • Patriots at Texans NBC — Jeff Triplette

Monday, Dec. 14

  • Giants at Dolphins ESPN — Craig Wrolstad

From Football Zebras editor Ben Austro

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25 thoughts on “Week 14 referee assignments

  1. Holy shit! You’re kidding right? Do the patriots honesty have triplette?? Really NFL??? Fuck why? Fuck my life!!! Seriously!!

  2. Dean

    Please watch the language. You never know if young eyes might be reading what you typed.

  3. I won’t use the profanity, but I second his feelings on Jeff Triplette. Talk about a buffoon who should not even be allowed to ref rec league games. How did he get a prime time gig? To quote the once famous Andrew Dice Clay “Who did you blow to get this job?”

  4. With the game in Phoenix, at least we won’t have to see Steratore pull his long sleeves half way up his arms while everyone else on his crew keeps them down.

  5. Lets give credit when its due, Gene Steratore and his crew had a good game tonight except for those missed facemask penalties on Palmer and Bridgewater.

  6. Clete Blakeman was just at Raymond James 5 weeks ago for the Giants/Bucs game. I’m guessing that the NFL is waiving its previous restriction in regards to “no crew will have the same team in its home stadium more than once per year”.

  7. I’d like to give credit to Steratore but his performance Thursday night was no better than average. Several blown calls but that is his norm.

    Once a referee, like a federal position, you are in for life……or until you simply don’t want to work anymore.

    The NFL only rates the referee’s performance for playoff assignments….not whether they will work the next year. That’s already a given.

  8. Now, according to Bobby lane and tacitly concurred by Jerome, the reason for the horrible refereeing is due to an influx of people of color. So let me see, every time a call is examine by a WH, that WH is a person of color, ie. Morelli?

    This is not the forum for your baseless comments. I love this message board which I have been following for years, let’s not turn it into anything more. And by the way, my favorite referees were Mike carey, one of the best, and Scott Green because he is from Northern Virginia.

  9. I am just wondering how many of you have actually been an official statement any level. I personally have called basketball and volleyball, and wrestling on the high school level. Truthfully every official misses call when you have bodies in motion we can’t see everything

  10. When reading these post one word comes to mind, “frightening”! If you are worried that an official in NFL is going to cost your team the game, then you my want to look at you team. We shouldn’t call them officials anymore, SCAPEGOATS should be their title. I enjoy knowing who is going to be where each Sunday, but the lack of intelligence from some is just unbearable.

  11. I am watching the Altanta / Carolina game on Fox and that is the worst official game I have seen all year, Altanta have all the right to complain to the league with out getting fined

  12. Im a giants fan and we have been extremely lucky to avoid triplette and boger ….but i know that means we will have both in the final 3 weeks

  13. Hey Earl, the overall competence of officiating in the NFL has declined drastically in the past five years. I don’t give a rats ass about the color of ones skin, but I do place a great deal of importance on wither or not one is qualified to do the job. And, its obvious most of these new guys don’t have the training or experience needed to do the job.
    Ask any NFL referee for his honest opinion, and if he could tell you, he would agree with my statement.

  14. Bobby, referees of yore did not have these technologies looking over their shoulders. The game is so much faster. your argument, again, is pure conjecture, and no need for the diatribe.

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