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Week 15 referee assignments

Thursday night’s game in St. Louis between the Buccaneers and the Rams will be officiated by Jerome Boger’s crew. John Parry’s crew gets to rest this week.

Thursday, Dec. 17

  • Buccaneers at Rams NFLN — Jerome Boger

Saturday, Dec. 19

  • Jets at Cowboys NFLN — Craig Wrolstad

Sunday, Dec. 20

  • Panthers at Giants — Terry McAulay
  • Titans at Patriots — Walt Coleman
  • Bills at Washington — Clete Blakeman
  • Chiefs at Ravens — Jeff Triplette
  • Texans at Colts — Ed Hochuli
  • Falcons at Jaguars — Bill Vinovich
  • Bears at Vikings — Brad Allen
  • Packers at Raiders — Walt Anderson
  • Browns at Seahawks — Gene Steratore
  • Bengals at 49ers — Ron Torbert
  • Dolphins at Chargers — John Hussey
  • Broncos at Steelers — Carl Cheffers
  • Cardinals at Eagles NBC — Tony Corrente

Monday, Dec. 21

  • Lions at Saints ESPN — Pete Morelli

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21 thoughts on “Week 15 referee assignments

  1. How does Corrente get another primetime matchup after the struggles of his crew this season? Just tired of phantom calls and I just hope they leave his mic on again and catch something really juicy this time.

    His crew robbed NE in Denver. They missed a blatant two hand jersey pull holding penalty on first Den score in 1H that happened right net to ball carrier but then call a phantom defensive hold in 4Q that basically gave the game to Denver. He was also part of batted ball affair in Det@Sea. His crew should be flexed out imo.

  2. I believe this is also his second Eagles home game this year just like with Hochuli last week. I wonder if the Eagles have requested certain refs not to work their games?

  3. My Skins have the eloquent Clete Blakeman, definitely one of the best in his field. couldn’t ask for a better WH to call such an important game for us.

  4. Yeah Dave, I didnt even notice that one at first glance. His crew was just flexed out of a primetime game and two weeks a later they are good enough for primetime again. I think its because there are no playoff implications on the line for DET/NO. But still, I hate watching a game marred by bad officiating. I’ll take Ron Tolbert again for Pete Morelli. Sheesh, Morelli’s crew couldnt even get the down right during ARI game and thats just having to count to 4. I hope everything works out and there wont be anymore issues with their crew. Misogynists are just waiting to pounce.

  5. Tut-I know its meaningless playoffs wise, but wouldn’t the NFL not want another official miscue on primetime. Just give him and his crew one of the insignificant 1pm matchups imo.

  6. Morrelli does have at least one good official on his crew. One of the worked as alternate in one super bowl and missed working another one by just one point….

  7. Bad horse collar? How about nonexistent? Even the announcer noticed the tackler grabbed his jersey below the nameplate. Never came close to grabbing the inside of the jersey or pads.

  8. There is one of the officials (HL or LJ) that doesn’t have a number on his shirt.
    What happen to it, did he have to replace a torn shirt or is he a replacement?

  9. Follow the Hochuli. $ is HEAVY on the away Texans. Hochuli knows how to make a home crowd, & the books & league, happy.

    Not saying what will happen, but the setup is something to watch.

  10. I know it’s highly unlikely.. But looking at the amount of prime time games Wrolstad has had! Is it possible he could be eligible to referee Super Bowl 50??band he has done a pretty good job in those slots to!

  11. Isn’t Wrolstad a 2nd year WH? He’s done a good job the two times I’ve seen him work Jets games and I’m sure he’s been graded favorably, but wouldn’t his 2nd year status keep him from working the SB?

  12. Sadly McAulay lost the super bowl yesterday after losing control of the war specifically the helmet to helmet hit

  13. Week 16:
    Washington at Philly- NOT CB, CS, PM, TC, JP, EH, RT, BA, JB, TM, WA
    Most Likely: Walt Coleman or Craig Wrolstad

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