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Week 6 officiating video: preventative officiating is the accepted mechanic




Dean Blandino, the NFL vice president of officiating, released his weekly media tape discussing the calls of the previous week (video download).

  • First, Blandino addressed the preventative officiating mechanics of umpire Carl Paganelli signaling to Patriots linebacker Dont’a Hightower that he was in an illegal formation over center on the Jets last-second field goal attempt. This may have looked out of place, but the league expects officials to correct formation fouls if there is time before the snap.
  • A catch by Jets receiver Eric Decker from Sunday’s game against the Broncos was ruled incomplete (and confirmed in replay) because Decker did not get two feet down in bounds after he secured the ball. The counting of the required two feet can only occur after the pass is secured by the receiver; in this case, Decker lifted one foot prior to demonstrating control.
  • As covered in our Sunday quick calls, Blandino affirmed the touchback call on a muffed punt during the Giants-Eagles game.
  • On Monday night against the 49ers, Rams quarterback Austin Davis attempted a legal hideout play by standing near the sideline on a punt play. Because he was not in front of his team’s bench area, Davis is not restricted from lining up there.

Also of note on the Davis hideout play: Any incoming substitute must first enter as far as the inside of the field numerals before assuming a position outside of the numerals. But, since Davis participated in the third-down play, he has no requirement to do so.