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Quick calls: Week 7


We will have our eyes on the games, but if you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.


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6 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 7

  1. Seahawks at Rams

    After successful fake punt and a few plays, Rams need a first down to go to victory formation. They get the first down but fumble the ball. Rams recover, but no, ball squirts out and a Seahawk dives on the ball and we have a fight at the bottom of a pile. Eventually ruled a Rams recovery and ball spotted yards behind the pile (where the ball squirted out?) Hawks coach Pete Carroll runs down and stands on the field in front of official but Rams run a play and game is over As Seahawks lose 26-28 Rams. Issue is time was under two minutes and Review with Booth Official who either failed to signal for Review or signal didn’t get to field officials. Not certain call would have been overturned but it may have. I think while possibly technically within rules, was in practice a major screwup for no Review of possible possession change fumble under two minutes with game on the line. *sighs*

  2. Ummmmm punt was a good play but what about the catastrophe at the end. Brutal. Refs should lose their jobs.

  3. I thought that the Fumble at the end of the Seattle/STL game should have been reviewed. Didn’t Seattle come out of the pile with ball? STL player lost ball before he could establish possession. How was this not reviewed?

  4. The Raiders had a 65 yd. punt return called back due to Illegal Block in Back. CBS’ s Dick Stockton kept ripping the Raiders but they never showed to play. I went back and looked again and saw absolutely nothing.

  5. Giants @ Cowboys. C Travis Frederick was called for false start. He started to snap the ball, moved it back about a foot, then hesitated for a fraction of a second, then continued the snap. Was the call right? I would think that once the Center moves the ball, the play starts, and there is no possibility of a false start. Or did I miss something?

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