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Seahawks catch curiously upheld

week9Week 9: Buccaneers at Seahawks

A five-yard completion to Ricardo Lockette at the end of the third quarter was challenged by Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano for what appeared to be a fairly pedestrian overturn. On the play, it appeared that Lockette was able to complete to process of the catch aided by the ground.

This clearly appears to be the case, as Lockette does momentarily lose his grip on the ball after the ball touches the ground. Had the ball contacted the ground, but Lockette maintained a continuous firm grip on the ball, this could be ruled incomplete. Also, there is clearly no evidence that Lockette’s fingers were underneath the ball.

The use of the word clearly here is deliberate. The evidence must be indisputable, and in this case, there does not seem to be anything to confirm the call. It should have been ruled incomplete.

Referee Mike Carey upheld the call, but it should have been ruled incomplete. I spoke with former supervisor Jim Daopoulos about the call, and he agreed that the call should have been reversed.

Update (10:45 p.m. ET): I also spoke to Larry Upson, a former NFL supervisor who, with Daopoulos, provides commentary for the Football Zebras Roundtable. His analysis via e-mail:

In reviewing this play I see no reason why this call wasn’t reversed to an incomplete pass.   It appears to me that the ball clearly moves after making contact with the ground. The receiver is struggling to gain possession of the football as it lays on his stomach.

Reaction from the Twitters:

That is from the Seattle media


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4 thoughts on “Seahawks catch curiously upheld

  1. It seems the calls are poor in all the games. Us San Diego fans are livid. In first half, SD was called for OPI when there was no contact whatsoever between the defender and receiver at all. Nothing. They were two feet from each other the entire play, yet a flag comes out from the deep official for OPI. Announcer’s were incredulous. Then, at end of game Redskins Garcon makes great catch and SD defender hits him in back, squarely in back, with shoulder – no launch, and gets flagged for illegal hit on defenseless receiver. Sorry but there has to be accountability. Plus, so many side officials I saw today were so overweight. Big bellies. Can’t move. I guess they are now fat and happy with the new contract and have no incentive (nor is there dis-incentive if you do screw up) t o perform at a high level.

  2. Could not agree more with the fat and lazy of many, NOT ALL short wings. Look at Gary Arthur and Carl Johnson as examples of in-shape wings. However, PLEASE do something about the 65- year old deep wings, overweight Umps (Schuster!), and aging Refs. How many of these TERRIBLE errors would have been ALL OVER the media if by replacements last season?! The coin toss? REALLY? C’mon! They should return the extra money the new contract gave them for these calls this season. Seriously…compare this websites’ WEEKLY list of errors by the regulars versus the replacements. MUCH worse, and YES, safety issues, too, being compromised.

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