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Quick calls: Week 9

week9You can follow our coverage on Twitter, and we will also post here some notable calls and describe some of the complicated rulings of the weekend.

If you see something interesting, confusing, or controversial in this week’s games, let’s us know by giving us the quarter and time (if known) and what happened in the comments section below or tweet us.


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Ben Austro
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13 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 9

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but on the Ponder QB sneak, since he wasn’t touched down by a defender (and he dove head-first rather than sliding feet-first), he was never down by contact, and therefore it doesn’t matter if his knee was down before the ball broke the plane of the goal line. Unlike college rules, he’s entitled to whatever yardage he gets until a defender touches him. Likewise, if he was in the field of play and loses control of the ball, that’s still a fumble even if his knee was down first.

  2. Tonights Colts Texans. Near the end of first half. Kickoff return following Colts field goal. During return clearly a fumble. Ball recovered by Colts. Call called Colts ball on field. After review, referee reverses call. There was not enough to reverse. As Chris C said on the NBC broadcast, the ball did not hit the foot of the Colt player while he was out of bounds. It was a great play to keep the ball inbounds. I thought the NFL said there has to be clear evidence to overturn a call of the field. Certainly there was not enough evidence to overturn the call. In fact the evidence showed the call was correct. Will the NFL address this bad call? Althought the Colts are not playing well, this blown reversed call, led to another Texan touchdown. If you use instant replay and still can’t get it right, you do not belong on the field.

  3. In the Colts/Texans game an Andre Johnson catch was overturned in the 4th quarter after a Colts challenge with 6:21 remaining. It was ruled an incomplete pass. Shouldn’t time have been put back on the clock since an incomplete ruling would have stopped the clock immediately? Seems like 28 seconds was lost and could have made a difference for the Texans at the end of the game. The ref on the field says that the clock is not changed because he was ruled out of bounds, but I have no idea what that has to do with anything because he already ruled it was incomplete.

  4. @Matthew Richey

    The call was that the player was out of bounds reversed to an incomplete pass. Both rulings stop the clock at the same time, so no clock adjustment was needed.

  5. But the clock never stopped on the original play. It ran from 6:48 when he made the catch until 6:21 when they were about to run the next play and the challenge flag was thrown. If it was correctly ruled incomplete initially, wouldn’t the clock have stopped at 6:48?

  6. In the SD@Wash game, in the 4th quarter, the Danny Woodhead catch that Skins challenged that it was catch/fumble, Woodhead’s helmet came off before alleged fumble. Isn’t the play dead once the ballcarrier’s helmet comes off? If so, the CBS announcers and officials missed that.

    P.S. Tough day for Jerome Boger and crew. I’m sure the social media crows were circling around Boger.

  7. At the end of the Browns vs Ravens game, there was just under 2 min and left the Ravens had 1 time out remaining. The Browns threw a pass for a 1st down which would have meant the Ravens would have burned their last TO to stop the clock and the Browns would have been able to kneel down the rest of the way to end the game. BUT the RAVENS committed Horse Collar tackle on the play which stopped the clock. This allowed the Ravens to use their last time out AFTER 1st down and allowed the Ravens to get the ball back as the Browns couldn’t run out the clock.

    (2:00) (Shotgun) J.Campbell pass short left to C.Ogbonnaya to BAL 9 for 14 yards (J.Ihedigbo). PENALTY on BAL-J.Ihedigbo, Horse Collar Tackle, 5 yards, enforced at BAL 9. Shovel pass off QB scramble

    Why was the clock not restarted because the defense gained an advantage by committing the penalty. I think this was a mistake by the crew.

  8. I have now reviewed the play where 50 of Houston ran into Macafee the punter several times. Yes he contacts kicking leg, but he also clearly contacts plant leg while kicking leg is in the air. Please watch again and revisit your assessment that this should have been a running into call, and remember that the rule says if there is any doubt, it should be roughing. This was roughing, and 15 yards, and a first down.

  9. Can you review the False Start that Ron Winter called on wide receiver #88 – I have to agree with the talking head that there was no movement. A case of players working the official ?

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