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Live blogging Hall of Fame Game officials

Cardinals vs. Saints

We usually don’t even cover this game, as the attention span is fairly low on preseason football, especially in an Olympic year. However, given the circumstances of the officiating, we are going to examine the work of the replacement officials for the Hall of Fame Game.

Replacement crew listed in a separate post.


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3 thoughts on “Live blogging Hall of Fame Game officials

  1. Knickers are gone. NFL officials going all black pants. NCAA switched to black pants full time last year. Hat tip to Becky10 at Behind the Football Stripes.

  2. I noticed I was hearing a LOT of whistles in the first half. Also the R missed numbers on a couple of foul announcements.

  3. I hope this kind of play by play analysis is done when the regulars come back. then a REAL assessment of how the replacements are doing can be made….I heard one writer for ESPN say, the regulars will have to get readjusted and it may take 1 or 2 games….why do they get to refresh? The replacements had to be perfect the first game! All these opinions on the replacements….SOMEONE would be doing the games, because the NFL will not cancel games over officiating! Like everyone has been saying its a money and power play by the league, but don’t bash guys looking for a opportunity. I know solidarity with officials might have pushed the league’s hand, but other than relatives, and the ‘good ‘ole boy’ network, who really gets a fair shot at making it to the NFL as an official……….

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