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Bucs get no measurement on final drive



Week 12: Buccaneers at Titans

4th Quarter | 1:08 remaining | Titans 23-17 | Buccaneers ball | 3rd & 10 @ TEN 34
In a downpour with the clock running, Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman completed a pass to running back Kregg Lumpkin for 9½ yards. Although short, it was close, but the officials did not call for a measurement, nor did the replay official stop the play for a review.

Rather than clock the ball on fourth down (which would end the game on downs), Freeman hastily carried the ball, fumbling the wet ball in the process. With the clock under two minutes, the only Buccaneers player eligible to recover the fumble and advance it would be Freeman, since he was the fumbler.

Of course, the Bucs fans were looking for confirmation of the first down in the process. posted video of the fourth-down play, but not the spot of the ball following the third-down play.