Triplette flubs recitation of OT rules

Jeff Triplette, meet Dante Hicks. Much like the downtrodden cashier from Clerks, Triplette was not even supposed to be here this Sunday. Triplette was heading Scott Green's crew while the rest of Triplette's crew had the holiday weekend off. So when overtime began in San Diego between the Broncos and Chargers,

Hanie clocks ball too late, results in game-ending intentional grounding foul

Week 12: Bears at Raiders 4th Quarter | :04 remaining | Raiders 25-20 | Bears ball | 1st & 10 @ CHI 46 | video After completing a pass to receiver Matt Forte, Bears quarterback Caleb Hanie called for a spike to stop the clock. Hanie delayed, as if he intended to

Bucs get no measurement on final drive

Week 12: Buccaneers at Titans 4th Quarter | 1:08 remaining | Titans 23-17 | Buccaneers ball | 3rd & 10 @ TEN 34 In a downpour with the clock running, Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman completed a pass to running back Kregg Lumpkin for 9½ yards. Although short, it was close, but the

Suh a turkey after stuffing foot at OL; McAulay DQs 2 on Thanksgiving

By now, you have heard that Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was ejected Thursday for stepping on Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith (video). Of course, Suh says he shouldn't have been tossed, because his foot was tangled with Dietrich-Smith (although the video shows otherwise). As Fox Sports analyst Troy Aikman

Week 12 assignments; Green out again

We are looking for official word as to why Scott Green has been sidelined the past two weeks. While Jeff Triplette's crew has the week off, Triplette will head Green's crew, just as Gene Steratore did last week. Thursday, Nov. 24 Packers at Lions: Terry McAulay Dolphins at Cowboys: Pete Morelli 49ers at Ravens: