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Pereira sums up opening weekend



In his weekly wrap-up column on Fox Sports, commentator Mike Pereira weighed in on a few calls from Week 1:

  • Lions at Buccaneers | 2nd quarter | 10:34 remaining | video. Lions cornerback Chris Houston intercepted a Josh Freeman pass at the 1, with his momentum carrying him into the end zone. Two Buccaneer penalties prior to the interception were declined, and the Lions got the ball on the 1. Pereira pointed out that a taunting foul was missed.
  • Giants at Redskins | 3rd quarter | 4:29 remaining. Referee Ron Winter had 60 seconds in a replay review to determine if (1) Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman was behind the line of scrimmage before a pass, (2) whether receiver Jabar Gaffney stepped out of bounds prior to the pass, and (3) whether Gaffney got both field in bounds after catching the ball. Pereira said at the time that there was no conclusive evidence to overturn on any; Winter disagreed with his old boss and reversed the play on number 3.
  • Falcons at Bears | 3rd quarter | 7:15 remaining. A Devin Hester catch was thought to be a touchdown by the Bears, however referee Ed Hochuli could not see conclusive evidence that the ball crossed the plane of the end zone inside the pylon. (Video link for this play on is broken.)
    2nd quarter | :08. Pereira noted that the half had about 2 seconds remaining at the end of the play, but the clock operator allowed the time to zero out. The clock used to be reviewable under hastily conceived rules applied for the 2009 postseason, but those rules could not be permanently implemented.
  • Bills at Chiefs. Same as we reported in our Quick Calls, except Pereira said this was the first touchdown overturned by the new replay-review rule. We believe it happened in Baltimore first, but we don’t have a wall of TVs here.

Update: Someone has their wires crossed over at Fox Sports’ video provider. Pereira’s article has a video link to his analysis, but, rather than seeing him, we get a video of The Today Show — on NBC!