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Week 1 open forum, assignments



We’re back. If you see a call from Week 1 that deserves our attention, add it to the comments section of this post. Referee assignments are after the jump.

Quick calls

  • Steelers at Ravens | 1st quarter | 2:47 remaining | video. One of the first uses of the new all-touchdowns-subject-to-review rule reversed a Ravens touchdown in the first quarter. A Ray Rice run was ruled down by contact at the 1, as James Farrior barely touched Rice as he went to the end zone. It doesn’t matter if the touch caused Rice to go to the ground; the mere fact he was touched at a moment when he was stumbling counts as down by contact.
    @MikePereira.. WOW! #TonyCorrente WK #1 2011 @Steelers VS @Ra... on Twitpic3rd Quarter | :44 remaining | video. Referee Tony Corrente, trying to break up a fight between these division rivals, took a hard spill to the turf. Corrente continued in the game. According to his former boss, Mike Pereira, he’s doing fine. There was an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the play, unrelated to Corrente’s fall, against Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor. Photo credit: @SportingBecky.
  • Chiefs at Bills | 2nd Quarter | 12:22 remaining | video at :55. A Chiefs touchdown was taken off the board by the new rule as well. A catch by Leonard Pope was ruled incomplete because he did not have control of the ball as he stepped out of bounds. Chiefs were sacked on the next play, then missed the 48-yard field goal. Costly call, but correct.

(referee assignments courtesy

Referee Assignments

Thursday, Sept. 8

  • Saints at Packers: Clete Blakeman

Sunday, Sept. 11

  • Falcons at Bears: Ed Hochuli
  • Bengals at Browns: Bill Leavy
  • Bills at Chiefs: Scott Green
  • Eagles at Rams: Gene Steratore
  • Lions at Buccaneers: Walt Anderson
  • Titans at Jaguars: Mike Carey
  • Steelers at Ravens: Tony Corrente
  • Colts at Texans: Walt Coleman
  • Giants at Redskins: Ron Winter
  • Vikings at Chargers: Terry McAulay
  • Seahawks at 49ers: Jeff Triplette
  • Panthers at Cardinals: Carl Cheffers
  • Cowboys at Jets: Alberto Riverón

Monday, Sept. 12

  • Patriots at Dolphins: Pete Morelli
  • Raiders at Broncos: Jerome Boger

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