Tim Millis to receive NFLRA Annual Honoree Award

The NFL Referees Association (NFLRA) has announced that former NFL official and NFLRA Executive Director, Tim Millis, is the winner of the 2020 Honoree Award. In a news release, the NFLRA says the award is to recognize Millis for his 13-year career as a NFL official and for his work as the leader of the officials' union. Millis joined the NFL in 1989 and spent his entire time as a field judge (then called back judge). He wore number 80 his entire career. He worked on crews lead by Johnny Grier, Larry Nemmers, Gerald Austin, Mike Carey, Dale Hamer and Bill Carollo. In

NFL officiating getting its stripes in a row for 2021

The 2020 season is over. The 2021 Hall of Fame Game is six months away (hopefully!), but there is still much to do for the NFL officiating department as they get ready for the 102nd NFL season. Who will retire? We usually get a few retirement announcements between Week 17 and the Super Bowl. But, there were no gold watch announcements this postseason. Many officials are taking stock in their age, abilities and physical condition and deciding now whether or not to return. Other times the retirement comes a few months from now. The NFL, wanting to bring in younger officials might offer


NFL100: When John McDonough called The Longest Game on Christmas Day

It's always hard for officials to be away from home on a special holiday. So it was for referee John McDonough and his officiating crew, scheduled to work the Christmas Day divisional playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the visiting Miami Dolphins. McDonough, who officiated Super Bowl IV, and was a AFL and NFL referee from 1960 to 1973, lead a veteran crew that included umpire Frank Sinkovitz, head linesman Leo Miles, line judge Bill Swanson, field judge Bob Baur and back judge Adrian Burk.  The NFL had never scheduled a postseason game on Christmas. A few years before the


Alternate officials will keep their eye out for simulated substitutions, after the Packers attempted it twice

Embed from Getty Images Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers loves to move his offense to the line of scrimmage quickly and snap the ball in an attempt to catch the defense off-guard, and perhaps with too many men on the field. Even the late great Alex Trebek knew this. However, in last weekend's Divisional Playoff between Rodgers' Packers and the Los Angeles Rams, the crew was able to stop the tactic by holding up play to allow for equal substitution. Early in the first quarter of the game, the Rams were penalized for too many men on the field, as their

The NFL umpire is more stationary this season

This year, Walt Anderson, senior vice president of officiating training and development, trained the officials to get in position and be stationary at the apex of a play. The philosophy is that a stationary official's eyes will be still and he'll be able to zero in and focus on the play. Over the years, the umpire has been one of the most fleet of foot officials. He had to put on his dancing shoes when lined up in the defensive backfield. When the NFL moved the umpire into the offensive backfield, he did much more running in order to chase the