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2023 Conference Championships

AFC Championship: Chiefs at Ravens

Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens



Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens

We are covering the AFC Championship game at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, between the Chiefs and Ravens.

The crew is listed below with the number of playoff games assigned, including this game but excluding alternate assignments or Pro Bowls.

      Yrs 2023 crew PS total Postseason games
R 14 Shawn Smith 9   8 5 WC, 1 DIV, 2 CCG
U 81 Roy Ellison 21 Hill 18 4 WC, 6 DIV, 5 CCG, XLIII, LII, LVII
DJ 6 Jerod Phillips 8 Martin 9 2 WC, 3 DIV, 3 CCG, LVII
LJ 45 Jeff Seeman 22 Smith 17 5 WC, 5 DIV, 5 CCG, XLVI, LI
FJ 33 Nate Jones 5 Cheffers 4 2 WC, 1 DIV, 1st CCG
SJ 36 Anthony Jeffries 6 Rogers 5 1 WC, 3 DIV, 1st CCG
BJ 105 Dino Paganelli 18 Smith 18 2 WC, 10 DIV, 3 CCG, XLVII, LV, LVII

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  1. Anonymous

    January 28, 2024 at 6:57 pm

    First ravens play of game, Jackson threw ball away, and ball appeared to not make line of scrimmage. How do officials communicate to go over elements of intentional grounding?

  2. Anonymous

    January 29, 2024 at 2:25 am

    To the commenter above, 43 was in the area so it did not need to get back to the LOS.

    No offense but reading through this it’s obvious that you’re fighting Taylor and CBS execs to bounce on Travis’s sack. The KVN penalty should have been offset by Kelce instigating the whole thing RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE OFFICIALS. The pregame crap was childish. If they are going to have a shadow crew on both sidelines (great idea) shouldn’t that crew be out there early to de-escalate things? I know it’s a bit unrealistic but the second time Kelce decided to screw with Tucker he should have been treated like they treat everyone during the game with 2 unsportsmanlike fouls. He should’ve been sent up to the suites for CBS to get their PDA shots.

    100% disagree about the no-call on Likely as well. I agree it would have been a call that bailed out what was a horrible decision by the Baltimore QB. However he was clearly pushed before the ball got there. That is PI in any other game. Between that no-call and the no-call on Kelce to offset the KVN flag there is ZERO doubt that the league put an experienced crew around a clown of a referee who they could count on to make sure Kermit, the Kelce idiots and the (you know what they say about blondes who wear red lipstick) got 2 more weeks of TV time.

    When will your coverage actually call officials out for terrible non-calls? The Ravens were playing 11 on 18 all day. After doing the leagues screwing for them, the league needs to give Smith in Baltimore the no Leavy in Seattle treatment after that embarrassing “performance”. Jeff sure as hell isn’t half the official his dad was.

    FBZ is a great site but I’ve got to throw the flag on your one-sided coverage of a game that would have likely gone to OT if the officials were calling an unbiased game.

  3. phil griffin

    January 29, 2024 at 11:26 am

    great job by both crews yesterday.

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