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Quick calls: Week 8 liveblog

Keep checking here for rolling coverage throughout the day on Sunday. If you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.

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4 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 8 liveblog

  1. They then failed to review a similar play where the Steelers player caught the ball, took two steps and had the ball ripped out. Called a fumble on the field, it wasn’t even reviewed. Inexcusable miss and yet another black eye for Al Riveron (and certainly the on-site replay official).

  2. What does the NFL have against the Steelers when they play Cleveland?

    Week one, they blow a review where a Steelers punt hit a Browns player and was recovered by Pittsburgh.

    This game, they fail review to obvious Steelers non-turnover. Then bail out the Browns with pass interference calls on uncatchable balls and holding calls on broken plays. They handed the Browns a touchdown. PERIOD. Shameful.

  3. “Once Wilson sets himself into a passing posture, the illegal contact rules come back into play.” Ben this is only relevant for Roughing the Passer in NFL. Illegal Contact / Illegal Cut Block.

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