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Maclin and Joyner fined for preseason ejection

Chiefs receiver Jeremy Maclin and Rams cornerback Lamarcus Joyner were ejected for fighting near the end of the first half of their Week 2 preseason game in Los Angeles (video).

After an incomplete pass targeted a different receiver, the two appeared to exchange words before the situation escalated to a physical confrontation. Even though field judge Buddy Horton was immediately present to attempt to pull the players apart, initial jabs turned to a scuffle that took three officials to break up. Maclin and Joyner were subsequently disqualified.

The NFL fined each player $9,115 for this incident, the standard minimum for striking an opponent, as opposed to the $30,387 listed under fighting. These fines are up from 2015, in accordance with an automatic 5% per year increase in minimum fines.

Even though referee Tony Corrente appeared to forget which city he was in (being quickly reminded by boos from the Los Angeles crowd), the players from the correct teams were indeed ejected.

According to Spotrac, Lions defensive tackle Kerry Hyder was fined for a roughing the passer penalty in the second preseason week. Texans linebacker John Simon and Seahawks defensive lineman Jarran Reed were also fined for roughing the passer in the first preseason week. All three players were fined $18,231 each.

Image: Kansas City Chiefs photo

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  1. St Louis! Bah ha ha ha!


    The video doesn’t show much but from what you describe, it sounds like a good call. I still think failure to obey any official’s instructions (ie. moving back in after being pulled aside) should be grounds for immediate ejection, but less of the petulant swinging at each other will also be welcome.

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