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Seahawks Jeremy Lane ejected in first quarter

Seahawks at Packers   (video)

With 9:41 left in the first quarter, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw an interception that was returned for an apparent touchdown by Seahawks defensive lineman Nazir Jones. However, there were two fouls behind the play that were both against Seattle, one which resulted in the ejection of Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane. While the interception was being returned, Lane and Packers receiver Davante Adams tangled up and brought each other to the ground. Lane was flagged and disqualified for throwing a punch. Replays did not capture the whole incident, but in the replays shown there did not appear to be a punch. Lane and Packers receiver Randall Cobb also exchanged words earlier in the drive, which resulted in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Cobb. Adams and Lane could have both merited a penalty, as Adams had a handful of Lane’s facemask, which would have offset at the spot of the interception.

Also behind the play, Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril was called for an illegal block in the back on Aaron Rodgers. Although there was contact to the back of Rodgers, the contact did not appear to be forcible enough to merit a penalty. Since the foul for throwing the punch would have been enforced from the succeeding spot, the foul for the block in the back has to be accepted in order to negate the score. The penalties negated what would have been the second pick-6 in Rodgers’ career.  

It will be interesting to see if Lane is fined for the infraction or not, which would give an indication if the league office sees a foul. Lane is the third player ejected this year after referee Ed Hochuli tossed two players in preseason.

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Patrick Weber
Patrick Weber is a four sport official working at the high school and college levels in football, baseball, basketball and soccer. He currently resides near Chicago, Illinois.

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9 thoughts on “Seahawks Jeremy Lane ejected in first quarter

  1. Worst call of the season…in the first game…no video shows any punch…there is clear evidence of AmDams pulling lance to the ground by the face mask.

  2. Disgraceful officiating. Not just Jeremy Lane’s ejection but the no call on Jimmy Graham in the end zone. The entire officiating program needs to take a look at themselves. What an embarrassment.

  3. Anonymous, guessing you’re a Seahawks fan? As a tried-and-true Packers fan, I’d just say it’s karmic justice for the Fail Mary play.

  4. Official john parry here a idea watch college targets call review up to official decided it Targets he gone decided on official reviews he throw a punch or not throw replay for punch and kick players

  5. This is the third year in a row that the Packers were given the opening game by the officials. There was also a DPI in the end zone that wasn’t called against the Packers. Many Packer games have been fake for a long time now.

  6. Rjfxvii….how many friggin visits from Karma do you want…..the refs gave you the game last year against the cowboys with the friggin call that hasn’t been made in 50 years and on top of that it was badly made…..and the year before that in the playoffs it was a catch by dez bryant… how many frigging visits from karma do you want….

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