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Quick calls: Week 14

Keep checking here for rolling coverage throughout the day on Sunday. If you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.

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16 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 14

  1. The mistakes keep stacking up against the Lions. Phantom crack back block takes them from 1st and goal to 2nd 25 from there own 41. Horrible. This has not to change. We’re not talking that you need super slow motion to see it. Mr. Blandino you are losing credibility and the NFL is looking fixed. Or, are we going to change the interpretation of the rule again?

  2. Somebody want to explain to me why Ladarious Webb gets called for a personal foul against
    Tyler Lockett, while Kam Chancellor almost rips Kamar Aiken’s head off by hitting him above the shoulder area and the yellow laundry stays in every official’s pocket?

  3. I typed the wrong penalty in the Detroit game it was a chop block. When Coach Caldwell asked for an explanation he was told it was ‘shadowing’. What is that Ben?

  4. Hochuli’s crew missed a LOT of calls today. Again……changes need to be made. It wasn’t long ago his crew (different guys) got the calls better than most crews. Not anymore…..

  5. shouldn’t illegal shift been called against the jets on the that quick snap td to Marshall? no way lineman were set for 1 sec before snap.

  6. The Sunday night game saw one of the coaches successfully use two challenges to gain a third. In my opinion, coaches should continue to gain bonus challenges as long as they’re right. Why should a coach be unable to challenge if he’s right three times? He’s being punished for the mistakes of the officials.

  7. Cutler to Thompson for 36 yards in the Skins / Bears game…I thought Cutler passed the line of scrimmage before he let the pass go. Can’t find it on highlight videos to see again.

  8. In the Falcons/Panthers game the referee inadvertently left his microphone open while telling his crew to be sure to spot the ball forward an extra few inches to ensure Carolina got a first down so the clock would keep running. “Four more inches and we are out of here,” he is quoted as saying by the media covering the game. I get it, the game was 0-38, it was no contest from the start, but can’t they at least give the impression of wanting to be there, wanting to do a good job, and wanting to be professionals?

  9. I second JW. If the integrity of the game is the top priority, this should be obvious. I realize that there are pace of game concerns, but capping the number of mistakes that can be corrected seems like an inappropriate fix to me.

  10. Eagles-Bills
    How come nobody noticed that the holding penalty in the 4th quarter was never walked off? Bills handed off to Shady at their 5, he went for a first down which called the play back. Half the distance penalty was never walked off and the Bills got a first down by 2 yards 2 plays later.

  11. Re: Buffalo 4th quarter holding foul: I was only listening on the radio at the time, but noticed that the ball returned to the Buffalo 5. Where did the foul occur? From what I can see, the foul occurred at the Buffalo 10, enforced half-the-distance from the spot of the foul (since the spot of the foul was ahead of the line of scrimmage, but behind the spot where Shady was tackled. It seems like a strange enforcement, but it once again became 2nd and 10 from the 5 after the 5-yard walkoff.

  12. Thanks, Dave. I checked into it, and that’s exactly what happened. Downfield offensive holding has come up as a “missed” enforcement a few times this season, but they have gotten it right each time.

  13. Is there any explanation from the league concerning the no call on what some would say was a pick by Josh Huff in the Bills-Eagles game? It basically sealed the game for the Eagles, setting them up for the winning field goal.

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