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Quick calls: Week 13

Keep checking here for rolling coverage throughout the day on Sunday. If you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.

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22 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 13

  1. Live from the MetLife Bowl, another John Hussey classic:
    1. Jets player goes out of bounds at NYG22. Refs spot it at NYG20, NYG challenges, play stands although it is painfully obvious player was out of bounds.
    2. NYJ15 hits NYG38 in the face, no flag. Play later, NYJ15 once again hits NYG38 in the face (who doesn’t react) – hands to the face penalty on NYG38. Because why not.

  2. it’s obvious that the refs for the minnesota game are seattle fans. the most poor calls ever. and the head people in the ref office will never do anything about it

  3. In giants game(see A above) a penalty was called on the Giant player for hand to face. Replay clearly shows Giant player legally push jets receiver coming off the line AND then the jet receiver gives giant a straight arm with hand to face. Next play, similar hand to face by jet. What is going on? Ditto with the replay shows jet went out of bounds 2 yards from where ball was spotted. That is awful.

  4. Quit Bashing The Refs They Are My Brothers, My Sisters And My Friends and i got both their fronts and their backs and i will always be behind them and back them up as a friend

  5. Did anyone try to watch the Viking Seahawk game? We had a football party at our house and because the officiating was so bad we shut the TV off shortly after the half and everyone went home.
    I don’t know if anyone is in charge of these clowns but whoever it is has to be embarrassed.
    I have watched football for over 58 years and I have never seen it as bad as it is now. The players no longer determine the outcome of a game the referees do.

    I have had a lot of fun watching football over the years but I’m done!!!

  6. Did anyone see the pass interference call that negated a touchdown in the Miami vs. Ravens game? Completely an imaginary call.

  7. Did anyone notice the refs forgot to mark off the penalty against Seattle (1:09 left in the 3rd quarter)? It would have been 2nd and 11, but they played it 2nd and 1.

    Of course, Seattle Scored on the 2nd and 1.

  8. @josh kelly:

    On that play, SEA-82 (L. Willson) was called for holding in advance of the line of scrimmage. The proper enforcement is from the spot of the foul, which is what the officials did. The officials did appear to be momentarily unsure of the exact spot at which the foul occurred, but it seems they got it right in the end.

  9. Three times Carolina had 12 players in the huddle against the Saints, and all three times the clowns in stripes couldn’t count. This game is hysterical.

  10. On the bad snap / defensive touchdown in JAX-TEN, was there a foul called for the snow angel at the bottom of the pile?

  11. Anyone know why the Colts-Steelers play, a kickoff return right before the half I think, was whistled dead? The Colts ball carrier ran into the back of a group of locked up teammates, but nobody had a hand on him, he was still upright, he still had the ball, and still had room to potentially scramble to the side. He raised a hand as if to ask what gives, but the commentators stuck with their idle chatter, the tv coverage whisked away to commercial, and I turned it off and went to bed. I might have been missing something, but my father-in-law was just as mystified as I was.

  12. @Refreviewing
    I didn’t see anything definitive to show a tipped ball. If they reviewed it (yes, touching the pass is reviewable) there would not be a reversal.

    Because the returner’s knee went down in a way that looked like the player was giving up. That wasn’t his intent, but it was judged that way. That is typical for that type of a kick that goes to a middle returner, who will sometimes give himself up, especially in the clock situation. The whistle has to be quick in this case, because a return started. Also, the knee doesn’t have to go all the way down, as long as the play is judged to be that the runner is surrendering.

  13. RE: Panthers at Saints. How can six professional zebras miss 12 men in the huddle three times in one game with the coach screaming at them about it? Did those guys put their Panther jerseys back on as they left the stadium?

  14. The only way to clean up the bad officiating is to fine the referee. Hit them in the pocketbook like league does to the players. P.s. firing Roger Goodell may not be a bad idea either

  15. As an official myself, I can tell you that fining the refs will NOT help them officiate any better. They genuinely want to get the right call. I’m constantly blown away by how often they get the call right the first time, at full speed.

    That being said, officiating has been rough this year. This coming from a Ravens fan who watched Baltimore lose to Jacksonville because of a bad no-call at the end, lose to Miami thanks to a huge phantom offenseive pass interference call in the beginning of the game, and lose to Oakland with a bad DPI call on 3rd down on Oakland’s last drive that they scored a TD on.

    How do we fix the officiating? Have an official watching from the booth. Give each coach an extra challenge, and make penalties (and the chance to review for a penalty) reviewable. I’ll take 5 to 7 minutes more of a game to get more calls right, and help the proper team win.

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