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Quick calls: Week 16

Keep checking here for rolling coverage throughout the day on Sunday. If you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.

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22 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 16

  1. Can someone explain the “Defensive Delay of Game” at the end of the first half of the Eagles-Skins game?

  2. Bagley – I didn’t see the play so I can’t say definitively but I will say that most of the time Defensive DoG is called it’s for simulating the snap count (trying to get the offense to false start). Without seeing it that would be my guess.

  3. Why are centers allowed to flinch? The Browns’ center quickly raised his head, drawing the Chiefs D-Line to jump offsides, and the defense got flagged. It’s not the first time I’ve seen that happen either.

  4. Bagley, the defensive delay of game was for knocking the ball out of the hands of a Washington player trying to hand the ball to an official. The clock was ticking towards the end of the first half, and that attempt to stall the ready-for-play to run out the first half is not permitted.

    bwburke94, on the coin toss, the team that wins is allowed to make ONE selection: kick, receive, defend the north, defend the south. The relevant rule states “A captain’s first choice from any alternative privileges listed above is final and not subject to change.” The Pats’ captain tried to say “We’re gonna kick it that way” which would be making both decisions, so only the first choice is relevant: “We’re gonna kick”. Thus the Jets have the opportunity to pick which side of the field they defend.

  5. Sarah Thomas having a ROUGH season…misses the the spot in the TB first down mentioned above. Hit the 30 = first down…runner barely makes it to the 29.

  6. Sarah is a good official, but a man with her skill set wouldn’t even be considered by the NFL. It was a stunt hire for sure.

    That said, she should have gotten cross-field help on the non first down play. Where was her other LOS official?

  7. @ John Doe – The NFL is all about stunt hires in the officiating ranks.

    Imagine how much better the officiating would be of they hired the best candidates. Instead, it is all about skin or kin and now women.

  8. Thomas is terrible at this level. She may have been halfway decent in HS, but that’s about it. She worked six years high school and quit for a year, then jumped right into Austin’s hands and the rest is history. Skin or kin, and now women, and you are in. Just another politically correct hire, that never works out when you fail to hire the best. Ask anyone who worked C-USA with her (Off the record and away from a recording device because God Forbid they speak their mind truthfully lest they feel the scheduling wrath of Gerry) how “good” she was……..if there are no reporters or microphones or witnessed around, they will speak what we all see on Sundays….

  9. Actually skin, kin and now women is the PC version.

    Heard the old boys in stripes call it skin, kin or va-jin.

  10. That 15 yard unnecessary roughness on Burfict by 78 on the Hochuli crew near the end of the MNF game was a joke. Terrible call. The receiver fell trying to rip ball back from defender who had a partial grasp.

    And, the call was at a crucial point of game. Refs need to know when not to call a foul. Awful.

  11. Burfict pushed with his shoulder while the ball carrier was out of bounds. Far enough out of bounds that it is not even in question.

    As for the critical time of the game, if it is a foul in the Hall of Fame game, it is a foul in overtime of a late season game, and it is a foul in the Super Bowl.

  12. Can you explain unecessary roughness when the QB slides. In Seattle vs St Louis there was a call for roughness when Casey Keenum slid and the Seattle defender was coming in for the hit. The defender clearly changed his trajectory and didn’t even contact, or barely made contact with his hand on Keenum. Seattle was penalized 15 yards. Later in that game Russel Wilson slid and one St Louis defense hit Wilsons knee, causing injury, and a second St Louis defender made contact with Wilsons head. No penalty was called. When is a slide a slide and when is it not?

  13. @ Ben Austro– they were wrestling for control of the football while in bounds. The play carried past the sidelines and the ballcarrier wrestled himself and the ball free creating the illusion of being thrown to the ground. The official (78) was caught up in the flow and working to avoid getting hit. He was distracted and only threw the flag after numerous members of the home team bench called for a flag. Perhaps, the worst part is that the official reacted to the Denver bench.

    I stand by the fact that was a horseshit call.

  14. Disagree Ben…terrible call on Burfict. I watched the replay several times today. The receivers momentum caused him to fall. There was very little if any contact OOB. I wish I could post the video here. Also, at least 3 PIs calls missed on Denver DBs. Several phantom calls against Cincy for eligible receiver not reporting only to be picked up. However, in each case killed Cincy’s momentum. Two blatant face mask penalties missed. However, late flag thrown on one way after the whistle and after officials huddled. Per your comments above a penalty is a penalty regardless of when it occurs in the game. If an official saw the face mask why didn’t he throw his flag? The officials had to huddle to decide that the QBs head was almost ripped off. How can you miss a face mask when the QB carrying the ball has his head ripped 180 degrees? Did they really see the face mask? If so, why didn’t they throw the flag when it occurred? Did they decide they had enough circumstantial evidence to throw a late flag? I would think that’s a problem? I cringe every time this crew is assigned to the Bengals. Remember the no flag against the punter Huber when his jaw was broken against Pittsburg?

  15. CIN vs DEN penultimate play in OT was a bad call and another text book example of why the league desperately needs a second referee in video booth with full privileges same as on field officials. CIN QB AJ McCarron fumbled when his throwing arm was hit by DEN Von Miller but ruling on field was incomplete pass. Video review was inconclusive so no over ruling. However, DEN head coach had to burn a time out to convince the officiating crew to review.

    Second, the face mask on DEN Malik Jackson in first half on AJ McCarron was a good call. But the process under which the call was was made was illegal by the rule book. None of the refs on the field saw the play and either the Head LJ or Hochuli saw it on the jumbotron and then flagged it as both teams where on the LOS for the next play.

    Lastly, the 15 yard unnecessary roughness on Burfict by 78 was a spot on call. 78, Side Judge Greg Meyer, threw the flag after the play was blown dead and Burfict continued to attempt to agitate DEN TE Virgil Green.

  16. Holybit- I did not see the facemask.

    But, you are dead wrong on the AJ McCarron incomplete pass. The ball was thrown 15 – 20 yards. That is not a fumble.

    The call on Burfict was a joke. Classic case of an official caught in the action of the play reacting to the home team sideline. The TE was trying to pull the ball and it created the appearance of him being pushed. Terrible call.

  17. “From the sidelines” and others concerning the AJ McCarron incomplete pass in OT that may have been a fumble when hit by DEN Von Miller. There is good video on here:

    The ball traveled exactly 13 yds. The rule book section that applies is here:

    In my mind the key word for this situation is “control.” At the point when Von Mill makes contact I do not think McCarron’s hand had moved forward. McCarron loses control of the ball and then moves the ball forward, but he no longer “controls” it, hence the 13 yards advancement.

    There was an almost exact same play in the NE vs NYJ game when NYJ QB Fitzpatrick attempted a pass and the ball was knocked out of his hand. The ball went forward about 3 yds. and was ruled a fumble on the field. You can see it at the 2:20 mark in the video below:

    Here I’ll quote the rule book:

    “Item 1. Forward Movement of Hand. When a player is in control of the ball and is attempting to pass it forward, any intentional forward movement of his hand starts a forward pass.

    If, after intentional forward movement of his hand, contact by an opponent materially affects the passer, causing the ball to go backward, it is a forward pass, regardless of where the ball strikes the ground, a player, an official, or anything else.
    If, after an intentional forward movement of his hand, the passer loses possession of the ball during an attempt to bring it back toward his body, it is a fumble.
    If the passer loses possession of the ball while attempting to recock his arm, it is a fumble.”

  18. @ holybit
    First point. I am a Jets fan and biased towards the Jets. That being said, I would say the play involving Fitzmagic was a fumble.

    I have zero interest in the Bengals. I would say the play involving McCarron was an incomplete pass.

    The difference is that the ball was in McCarron’s hand when the arm came forward, albeit barely.

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