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20172017 PreseasonReferee Morelli with a pre-season chuckle on-mic

Referee Morelli with a pre-season chuckle on-mic

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Sometimes a situation on the football field leaves everyone smiling–even the officials.

Such a moment happened this weekend during the 49ers-Broncos pre-season game.

There were a whopping five fouls on one punt play. As the officials reported to referee Pete Morelli, the absurdity of the situation set in. The officials started chucking at this crazy play. 

Morelli not only had to sort everything out, he got the honor (?) of making five different signals and penalty announcements. 

Enjoy Morelli and his crew sorting it out. I’m sure the crew will talk about this play for several years!

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3 thoughts on “Referee Morelli with a pre-season chuckle on-mic

  1. 2 holds, IBW, and UNR/hit OOB on receiving team, and holding on the kicking team = 5. It is your standard 10 vs. 45 enforcement: offset, laugh, repeat the down.

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